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Expert Guide: How To Clean Roller Blinds

Expert Guide: How To Clean Roller Blinds

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 18 May 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

Roller blinds are a classic staple in homes not only in the UK, but around the globe. They’re functional, attractive and affordable. While the benefits of roller blinds are well known, many of us still find the idea of cleaning roller blinds a little daunting. If that’s you, don’t worry, our ‘how to clean roller blinds’ guide will have all the answers you need.

What are roller blinds?

Made to measure roller blinds are a practical and simple offering privacy and a canvas through which you can add extra personality into your home. Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials, we will have just the right blind to enrich your décor.

Roller blinds are fashioned from a single piece of quality fabric that is wrapped around a casing that fits to the window. The blind is then operated with a cord although in some instances, motorised equivalents are available for that modern twist.

How to clean roller blinds

Cleaning a roller blind is really rather quick and simple. PVC roller blinds are the easiest to clean but even a natural fabric one shouldn’t be too taxing.

Regular maintenance of your roller blind

To keep on top of the maintenance, regularly vacuum your roller blind (using a low setting) then wipe it with a damp, clean cloth. Mix about one tablespoon of soap with a litre of water, dip in your cloth, wring it out and off you go..

Cleaning the roller blind itself

Start by rolling the blind all the way down and start from the top working your way to the bottom. Raise the blind only once it’s fully dry. It is advisable to use a back and forth motion rather than a circular one. 

Tips for cleaning the mechanical parts of the roller blind

The mechanical component of a roller blind they connect your cord to the blind are slightly trickier to clean but still simple enough. A silicone spray will help keep it squeaky clean and remove any resistance or stiffness. If you use such a spray, be careful not to spray onto the fabric to avoid discolouration. 

If your roller blind’s are operated with a plastic chain or cord, you can clean them using warm soapy water. However, if they are steel or brass, avoid using water as it can cause the material to rust or decay. Instead, simply use a soft dry cloth. 

photo to show woman cleaning roller blind with a damp cloth

Top tips for cleaning roller blinds

1. Clean regularly with a vacuum to avoid dust build up

2. Use a damp, clean cloth tackle stains quickly

3. Work from the top of the blind working down

4. Use silicon spray to clean the mechanical parts, but avoid getting it on the fabric

5. Use soapy water to clean plastic chains / cords but not brass or steel

Roller blinds with Blinds Direct

Like all the items in our impressive range, a hand made roller blind from Blinds Direct is made to your exact specifications by our talented team of crafts people at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. By following our ‘how to clean roller blinds’ guide, you can keep your blinds looking brand new all year round

You may not know this, but West Yorkshire has a rich history of manufacturing and using fabrics to create some truly beautiful pieces. We have sought to build upon this heritage and only create roller blinds to the highest standards and from the finest materials. We’re so committed to this that all our blinds are delivered with a five-year guarantee.

A well-chosen roller blind won’t let you down. With a huge range of options available from plain grey to Star WarsTM  themes, a roller blind can really make a difference to your design. You can browse our dedicated Buyers Guide for Roller Blinds for more info.

Shop our roller blinds below:

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