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Happy As A Lark – Add British Birds To Your Decor

Happy As A Lark – Add British Birds To Your Decor

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 21 Sep 2022

Over the years, we’ve explored a number of pattern styles with many inspired by nature. Of those designs, we’ve paid particular attention to animals of the land, and various sea creatures, but what about birds? Well, today’s blog is one for the ornithologists, as we take a closer look at Britain’s birds and how to enjoy them in your home.

Be proud as a peacock in your home

From the grouse moors of Scotland, to the pigeons on the steps of Saint Paul’s, Britain is home to a diverse and exciting variety of feathered friends. Historically, when we think of using bird patterns in soft fabrics, we think of vibrant birds of paradise, elegant flamingos or perhaps parrots. In this blog however, we’ll be looking at the role British birds can play in your home’s design. While other places may be home to more brightly coloured birds, we shouldn’t cast off our own local warbling wildlife.

room set image to show how to use british birds in interior design

Traditional bird home furnishings

Traditional styles of interior design have a long standing affection for animals. Whether it’s stags, foxes or hares, thousands of classically decorated properties have elegantly captured the majesty of British wildlife. 

While the focus can feel distinctly mammalian, there are many fantastic British birds you can add to your decor. Possibly most famously – and sticking with the country theme – is the pheasant. Combining red and golden browns with teal head plumage and spots of vibrant red, with a while collar, pheasants offer a naturally beautiful colour palette. 

Beyond the colour inspiration, certain products celebrate pheasants directly. For example our Tatton Autumn Roman Blind captures a jovial autumnal scene with pheasants, stags, foxes and rabbits. If you’re looking for a purely avian alternative, the Wild Birds Putty Roman Blind features pheasants alongside wise owls, plump grouse and tufted northern lapwings! 

For a mix of british birds and japandi style, check out our Herons Coral Roman Blind.

Contemporary bird prints

While animals captured the hearts of traditional designers, fans of more modern design trends are equally well equipped for adding bird prints to their homes.

Where traditional prints tend to be darker, using soft accent colours, there are numerous modern fabrics that feature birds alongside bolder, more fun colours. The Voyage Birdy Branch Blossom Roman Blind, for example, showcases a range of small birds including robins, sparrows and finches in dynamic non-traditional colours.

You can even look at cartoony equivalents such as the fun seagulls in the Laridae Duckegg Curtain, the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. Keeping with water birds, you can also find equally fun duck and puffin motifs to block out the sun in the most fashionable way. 

For something on the art deco side of things, consider enjoying the joyful colours of an Orla Kiely Owl Chalky Green Roman Blind.

image that gives example of how to use a uk bird on curtains and cushions

For real bird lovers, you can mix and match birds from around the world within your home’s decor. Mixing soft coloured traditional bird prints with more abstract modern designs will create a fun and engaging space that’s perfect for relaxing in. Why not consider curating an artistic aviary where you live? 

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