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Trend Focus: What Is Japandi?

Trend Focus: What Is Japandi?

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 20 Jan 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

Japandi interior design

In our Interior Design Trends 2021 blog we touched on Japandi style, a new design sensation that’s taking the world by storm. After we published that blog, I must admit the team here at Blinds Direct excitedly thought, ‘Japandi deserves its own blog – it’s so cool we must investigate it further!’

Being comfortable and relaxed is a foundational philosophy behind Japandi design, so with that in mind, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy our deep dive into this extremely elegant way of structuring your home.

Japandi – the best of two worlds

There are over 8,000km between the borders of Scandinavia and the Japanese islands and while many facets of these cultures are very different, the attitudes to interior design that they have inspired share many similarities.

Both Scandi and Japanese schools of interior design focus on cosiness, nature and simple aesthetics. Therefore, the resulting fusion of the two – Japandi – takes the best of both worlds, combining them into a minimal yet characterful theme that will enrich your home.

The popular design trend combines the Nordic hygge (a sense of cosiness in the home), with Japanese wabi sabi – the idea that there is perfection to be found in imperfection. The result is that we want everything to be clear cut and in its place, but we’re not going to beat ourselves up if something isn’t exactly in the right spot. It’s about relaxed sophistication.

japandi style interior design with linen curtain, image to show what is japandi?

How to achieve Japandi style

This style of décor isn’t about clutter, it’s about intentional minimalism. As a result, with fewer pieces in the space, you can invest in higher quality items. Try and focus on handmade items that use natural materials to really get in the Japandi mood.

Soothing, peaceful, and serene colour palettes should also be considered from carpets to curtains. Creams, soft greys and slightly off whites are great places to start, especially when paired with unpainted natural wood furniture. To focus on the Japanese side of this coin, look at using bamboo to add that extra twist of sophistication.

A large panel blind in a pale colour will accomplish the style and elegance of Japandi while meeting the third objective – functionality. Because we’re looking to achieve an open space with clean lines, everything on display should have a function.

If you’re desperate to add a pop of colour to your Japandi-inspired space, feel free to do so. Try to avoid overly vibrant spot colours, however.

Dark slate grey and hues of green or blue are fantastic so long as you pick soft natural tones. To make sure you stay on trend, be sure to use these colours subtly and make sure they have meaning.

living layout with japandi style interior

Concentrate on cosy

Cosiness is a very important element in difficult times like these. Since most of us are spending much more time in our homes, we need them to calm us and let us relax between work shifts and the day-to-day rigmarole.

As cosiness is a core part of Japandi style, look into items that make your home feel warm and inviting. Natural fabric curtains and cushions are a great way to achieve this. Not only do they have direct functionality – keeping the light out and our bodies comfy on the sofa – they also bring peace to the mind.

Instead of using dramatic patterns, look into the nature of the material you want to use. Natural materials such as linen and wool have lovely textures which are pleasing on the eye and can often take the place of pattern.

There is a lot to take in with Japandi style and to ensure you don’t get too worried about where to start; we’ve crafted our very own Japandi collection to get the wheels in motion. Windows and the ways in which you dress them are always a great place to start, and what could be easier to put in place than a well selected cushion or lampshade? We hope you enjoy it!

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