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How To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

How To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Wed 15 Feb 2017
Last updated Mon 9 Aug 2021

They say that the best things come in small packages, from elegant apartments, to cosy cottages, to stylish semi-detached houses. Small is beautiful – but you don’t want to feel cramped in your own home.

So what’s the solution? Read on to discover our room-expanding hints and tips, so that you and your family can enjoy every inch of space within your home.

1. Stick mostly to neutral tones

When it comes to your walls and skirting boards, choose light shades to open up the room. Pale shades are much more receptive to natural light and provide a simple backdrop that can be enhanced by art, soft furnishings and accessories. However, if you want to add a little more depth and drama, a darker ceiling may also work well.

 2. Angle your furniture

Many assume that placing furniture directly against walls will make the most of available floor space. In fact, angling your furniture more cleverly can give the illusion of additional room. Give your pieces breathing space, and don’t feel forced to push them back into corners.

Peach roller blinds in a small contemporary home office

3. Make the most of every space

Interior designers love empty space, especially in busy areas of the home. However, those with small rooms need to strike the balance between simplicity and functionality. If there’s an empty corner in your room, why not utilise it for additional storage? And that empty nook under the stairs? It could make an excellent study!

4. Light, bright window dressings

Thick, heavy curtains do nothing for a small space. Instead, select slim-line roller blinds, versatile double roller blinds or innovative Day and Night blinds, which will still offer privacy without the bulk. If you’re keen for colour and pattern, choose a fabric that coordinates well with your walls, whether it’s a shade or two darker, or offers a stylish colour contrast.

5. Multifunctional pieces

By choosing furniture that serves many purposes, you will maximise the available floor space in your room. Why invest in a separate foot stool and storage trunk, when you could select an ottoman that provides both functions? It may also be worth choosing a dining table that can be adjusted depending on the number of diners, with chairs that can be tucked away neatly.

6. Select statement items carefully

Avoid cluttering up your small space with too many items. Instead, choose one or two statement pieces, such as an eye-catching lamp shade or sumptuous rug. These key pieces will give your room style and personality, as well as helping to draw attention away from its diminutive size.

7. Go up, not out

If you’re a bookworm, a keen collector, or simply a lover of pretty things, it’s a good idea to store your prized possessions in extra tall units or high shelves. Avoid cluttering up the floor space with these items; instead, utilise the space from floor to ceiling.

White roller blind in a white modern bathroom8. Unify your colours, patterns and textures

When a space is small, avoid cluttering it up with an assortment of different styles. Choose a theme and stick to it, whether that’s shades of grey, abstract prints, floral features, or a Nordic vibe. By unifying the colours, patterns and textures you incorporate into a room, it will appear a larger, more harmonious space.                       

9. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are the most effective way to make a space seem larger with minimal effort. Choose from large mirrors over mantelpieces, full-length mirrors to lean against walls, or a gallery of mirrors to create a feature. The reflections will make the room seem much larger, as well as providing more light.

10. Quality not quantity

Many wrongly assume that a small space requires small furniture. In fact, one or two high quality, statement pieces will be much more effective than a collection of small items. Steer clear of teeny sofas, little tables, poky cupboards and miniature chairs – instead, look for impressive furniture that will make an impact, as well as making your room seem bigger.

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