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Interiors Inspiration: Back To Black

Interiors Inspiration: Back To Black

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 4 Dec 2018
Last updated Mon 6 Jun 2022

Are you hunting for a new hue to bring elegance and warmth to your room? The darkest shades of all are the perfect choice.

From jet black and charcoal to deep wine and midnight, black and ultra-dark tones will elevate and invigorate your space. Offering a masculine yet glamorous edge, these dark hues work beautifully in areas throughout the home. White may be timeless, but now’s the time for black to shine.

Perhaps it’s inspired by the reign of Farrow & Ball and their sumptuously deep shades of Railings and Hague Blue. Or maybe it’s due to the the growing popularity of Scandi Noir, a chic and moody take on Scandinavian style. It could even be our desire to feel more cosy, comforted and cocooned in our own homes. Either way, there’s no denying that black interiors are well and truly back.

Forget what you’ve heard about dark colours making rooms feel small and cluttered, and take no notice of those who claim they are dreary and depressing. Ultra-dark tones are, in fact, a welcome addition to your home, bringing bags of style and versatility.

These dark shades work well with many colour palettes, sitting well with all tones of white, grey and warm naturals. Dark colours also tone brilliantly with pastel tones, such as dusty pink or chalky lavender, and the deep jewel tones of emerald, turquoise and garnet. Balance a darker scheme with at least two more colours to add contrast and lift the look. For example, deep charcoal mixed with teal and mineral, green and mustard or damson and mauve.

Black can be used as an accent colour, enhancing the rest of the space through cushions, rugs, picture frames and window treatments. Dark tones also team well with metallics, including lamps, vases and fabrics. Gold, silver and copper tones are the perfect choice for adding sheen and warmth against a darker backdrop.

Ultra dark colours are ideal for a dramatic feature wall. For added excitement, paint the lower area of the wall in your dark shade, and contrast with a lighter tone on top. You could also enhance a dark statement wall with a gallery of prints. And don’t be afraid to inject touches of black throughout the rest of the space, from dark kitchen cabinetry and work surfaces, to tonal and textured velvets and faux furs. Dark wood should also be embraced; we love the look of walnut, teak and mahogany, bringing richness and intrigue to your furniture and flooring.

Black Interiors Inspiration

Dark grey wooden blind teamed with retro black leather chair. Grey, white and black living room with wooden floor. Dark industrial decor in converted loft.

Modern quirky living room with black accents. Glamorous black bathroom with white voile. Black and white living room with trendy furniture and accessories.

1. Mid-century modern pieces in black leather tone beautifully against warm wood finishes and dark grey wooden blinds.

2. Subtle monochrome geometrics and abstract inky artwork bring just the right amount of interest to a soft, earthy space.

3. Bold black pieces enhance the industrial vibe and provide a backdrop for punchy accents, all enhanced by black-framed Crittal-style doors.

4. Black and deep charcoal accessories are the perfect choice for this otherwise neutral space, and are a winning match for terracotta soft furnishings.

5. A bold suite and shimmering dark tiles make for a glamorous bathroom, while sheer white curtains bring a soft and relaxing vibe.

6. Black and grey are the ideal team in this cool space, which successfully combines modern, retro and traditional features.

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