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Just Peachy

Just Peachy

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 28 Aug 2018
Last updated Tue 14 Apr 2020

Peach, salmon or setting plaster… however you refer to the perfect pinky-orange hybrid, peach is proving a popular choice throughout the world of interior design.

Its underlying blush tones bring peace and softness, while the injection of orange offers warmth and cosiness. Yet peach remains muted enough to be considered a neutral, and therefore a versatile choice for areas throughout the home.

Peach popularity

Peach knocks around with the rest of the new neutrals crowd, accompanied by lavender, mint green and rose. Though pale, these muted tones offer an androgyny that makes them much more workable than their saturated predecessors. Peach itself stems from an appealing family of shades, from barely-there nude, to soft apricot, to warm and tangy coral. It demonstrates a natural progression from last year’s favourite Millennial pink. Now, blush shades have received a healthy dose of yellow, which brings positivity, energy and a cool retro flavour. Moving away from blue tints, pinks are becoming more warm and accessible.

Peach is a great entry point for people to start experimenting in their homes. A flexible base colour, this gender neutral shade can be layered with a number of other tones to achieve your desired effect. Working particularly well with modern colour blocking designs, peach is the perfect choice for a feature wall, a statement piece of furniture or a colourful accent against a monochrome backdrop.

The shade also mixes well with the rustier tones in its colour family, such as terracotta and burgundy. This will create an even warmer and more cosy effect. Conversely, pairing with a complementary duck egg creates fun and freshness – a gentle approach to colour contrasts. Are you peachy keen to bring this peaceful and reliable shade into your home? Take inspiration from the perfect peach interiors below…

Peach interiors inspiration



1. Nodding toward bare plaster walls, this earthy nude decor layers with dreamy peach drapes, warm cream accents and a sophisticated shade of lavender grey. Tied together with unique accents and a retro undertones, it’s a fresh perspective on feminine bedroom interiors.

2. Semi-sheer fabrics provide even more interest to your use of a particular colour, offering light and dark variations of the shade depending on sunlight and location. This diffused peach roller blind is the perfect choice for a minimal home office, contrasting beautifully with a clean white backdrop and simple accessories.

3. A more abstract approach to the use of peach, this funky room arrangement combines teal and nude-toned prints with bare wood and simple Scandi features. Saturated rose and mint green tones enhance the use of neutral shades, while plain white walls and natural weaves help to ground things.

4. This grown-up combination of muted tones teams dusty peach with sage green and cool grey, creating a harmonious room display that offers lightness and tranquility. A geometric polyhedron table and tapered chair legs add shape, interest and a quirky edge to this otherwise sophisticated room design.

Make more of your windows with made to measure blinds, curtains and cushions from Blinds Direct. And if you’re not peachy keen on this trending colour, you can also choose from a wide range of other styles and finishes on our website. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team today.

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