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Psychology Of Colour: Colours For The Working Week

Psychology Of Colour: Colours For The Working Week

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 14 Dec 2020
Last updated Fri 10 Sep 2021

Psychology of colour

Colour has played an important role for humanity since day one. From helping us make sense of cluttered landscapes as we traversed the world, to simply understanding if certain berries are bad for us, this visual ability has been a keystone in the human story. But is there even more to colour than that? Can the psychology of colour be used to enhance our day-to-day lives?

Artists and interior designers – alongside many others – have thought for a long time that colour can affect mood, feeling and emotion. Oscar Wilde even once said, “Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”.

In this new mini-series we’ll be exploring different parts of life and the colours you can use to improve them, especially since we’re doing more from the comfort of our own homes than ever before. This month, we’ll investigate the work environment.

blue and green setting to show the psychology of colour

Working from home

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to working from home but one of the leading drawbacks can be the lack of separation between work and leisure space – be that that physical or mental.

Therefore, it is important that when possible, we create dedicated working environments where we can focus and come the end of day, escape from.

Fortunately, colour can assist in your work and with a few well-placed items you can add a real boost to your work by drawing energy from the tones around you.

Lean green working machine

Its hardly surprising but green is a relaxing colour to surround yourself with. As a low wave colour, green promotes rest and calm, in turn improving focus and efficiency. Green is easy on the eyes and easier on the mind – why else do you think celebrities relax in a green room before a show? Here is how you can beneficially introduce green into your home.

According to academic research by Dr. Kate Lee, green provides a ‘restorative experience’ that helped improve the mental resources of students that took part in her studies. As a result, you can incorporate leafy green plants into your workspace, or even green furnishings.

Window blinds or curtains in a soft green tone will have an equally valuable effect. Likewise, if you tend to work from the sofa, some beautiful green cushions will help you get comfy and focus.

the green psychology of colour living room

Some clues about blues

Further research suggests blue can have an equally empowering effect for particularly intellectual work. Activities that consume large amounts of cognitive power can be supported by tones in this colour and help you get to grips with the challenge at hand.

Where blue papers, inks and highlighters can be valuable for mentally taxing jobs, so too can your interior décor.

The trick here is to use softer tones of blue as they are more ‘friendly’ and welcoming. A great opportunity to use blue is with a lampshade in a beautiful fabric, strategically positioned in your workspace. Not only will it delicately mute the light, but it will also help stimulate your brain and give it sustenance for the taxing tasks ahead. 

The nature of blue makes it the perfect support colour not just for business, but if you are a student – or live with one – soft tones will help focus the mind to overcome academic challenges.

Furthermore, please note that blue should be used more sparingly than other energising colours. With too much blue, your space can become cold and overly clinical.

The psychology of colour of at Blinds Direct

The psychology of colour can help you boost your productivity and energise you towards your next promotion. Blue and greens are both useful in slightly different ways so why not consider a beautiful roman blind in a natural green tone, supported by a dusty-blue lampshade.

Both will add an elegant touch to your space that will be enjoyable even when we all return to work while supporting you to achieve your goals while we’re still working from home. You can browse our psychology of colour collection here and shop some of our blues and greens below.

At Blinds Direct all our blinds, curtains, cushions, and lampshades are made-to-measure at our dedicated facility in the heart of Yorkshire. With a couple of clicks you can find a great choice of items in various tones of green and blue.

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