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Know The Difference: Voile Or Net Curtains?

Know The Difference: Voile Or Net Curtains?

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 10 May 2022

Voiles are a style of curtain that can make a space feel open, welcoming, and stylish; but what are they? Where are they best placed, and what can they bring to your interior design? These questions can go on, however in today’s blog, we will be unveiling all there is you need to know about voiles and how to add them into your décor.

What are voile curtains?

Voiles are lightweight, sheer curtains that provide daytime privacy without significantly blocking natural light. They are a modern-day twist on net curtains, bringing a stylish, free flowing movement to the space. Voiles are a great addition to any interior décor theme where privacy is required as the woven fabric creates a sheer screen allowing light to still flood the room, but obscuring the view from the outside world. Even though they are lightweight and silky to the touch, voile curtains from Blinds Direct are still hardwearing and built to last while adding a softness to your décor.

What is the difference between net and voile curtains?

In many ways, voiles are a modern-day twist on net curtains, and as a result, we thought it would be best to touch upon the difference between the two. Voiles are often woven from different materials, for example cotton and linen, creating a sheer, lightweight curtain. However, what makes them different from net curtains?

Traditional net curtains are knitted, creating a ticker, coarser look and feel. While popular for a long time, the net curtain star has begun to wane as we’ve looked to finer, more elegant home furnishings. While both options maintain privacy while letting in light, voiles are a softer, more modern alternative that comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs.

an image to show how a voile curtain works in a living room
a photo to show what a voile curtain is

Ideas for using voile curtains

For many, finding the right room for voiles can be somewhat of a challenge. Are they a curtain that is best for living rooms, conservatories, or bedrooms? Simply put, the answer is a resounding yes, to all of them!

Due to the nature of voiles, they are less of a statement addition to the space, and more a soft, elegant, and practical element to add to the décor. Don’t get us wrong, they do have decorative features, such as adding in an accent colour or for layering with shutters or roller blinds and roman blinds. That said, their main function is to protect privacy. Therefore, if you have a room that overlooks a busy street or into neighbouring gardens, then the addition of voiles will be ideal as they combine both privacy and practicality.

How to add voiles into your décor

Adding voiles to the home can be an exciting process. Whether a new colour is being implemented, or the idea of creating a flowing movement within the space is what you are wanting to achieve, experimenting with voiles can be a fun process.

There is a selection of ways in which you can implement voiles into the home, from layering with existing window dressings, or adding a decorative touch to four poster beds, they are an up-and-coming trend which we are loving.

photo to show how a voile fabric looks on red curtain

Layering with voiles

Layering a window is an easy and exciting way to add depth and character to your space. Whether you are choosing to implement a new colourway or add texture to the space layering is the way to do it. Luckily, voiles match beautifully with plenty of different styles of window furnishing. For example:

Voiles and Curtains

Combining curtains with voiles is the traditional form of layering. They bring both practical and stylish elements to the space. Traditionally, voiles were layered with curtains to protect the privacy of the homeowners. The sheer, lightweight fabric would remain closed throughout the day, allowing light to flood the space, yet obscuring the view from the world outside. Pairing them with classic curtains allows for a combination of textures and colours to be brought into the space, along with adding extra insulating properties.

Voiles and Shutters

Layering voiles with shutters is a great way for creating a Mediterranean inspired interior decor. Creating a contrast in texture, the silky fabric of the voiles complements the wooden consistency of the shutter, creating a stylish, textured look. With a selection of faux wooden shutters and real wooden shutters available to consider, you can decide how rustic you want to go with the texture combination.

Voiles and Roman blinds

Styling Roman Blinds with voiles will add a delicate touch to the space. The use of two soft style fabrics will instantly add comfort to the room while combining a variety of textures, patterns, and colours.

The soft folds of the Roman blind complement that of the silky texture of the voiles. The use of these two window dressings together will transform your home into a delicate, comforting haven.

Voiles and Roller blinds

When layering roller blinds with voiles, ensuring we stick to the same colour palette is vital. With roller blinds being a slimmer profile fabric than that of a Roman blind, the combination of voiles and roller blinds can be more challenging to perfect. Therefore, we suggest that when pairing voiles, to aim for a colour closest to that of the most dominant colour within the roller blind. It will help the voile and roller blind to complement one another creating a beautiful, flowing window dressing.

a photo to show a voile curtain can be a modern alternative to a net curtain
close up image of a voile fabric on a curtain

Voile curtains are a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, however, it doesn’t end with curtains. Voile fabric can also be used in a variety of stylish blinds from roman blinds and roller blinds, to vertical and pleated blinds. These options open up a world of opportunity for you to enjoy the delicacy and privacy voiles provide.

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