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Trend Focus: Miami To Ibiza

Trend Focus: Miami To Ibiza

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 7 Jul 2022

As we dive into summer, many of us are jetting off on holiday and immersing ourselves into a relaxed, carefree lifestyle. That said, once our holidays are done the blues kick in and we reminisce about the warmer weather, the salty sea and the vibrant colours that surround us while basking on the beach. To prevent those post summer blues being too much, we have put together a fun blog inspired by Miami and Ibiza to incorporate the essence of these celebrated holiday destinations into our homes!

Miami colours

As bold and brilliant a reputation Miami holds, the interior design trend within the area tends to be more mellow and chilled out than you may expect. Working with a softer palette, and a touch of art deco curves, the incorporation of this design scheme into your existing style will be a smooth process that can evolve overtime.

image to show what miami interior design looks like

Soft shades

Working with pinks, yellows, blues and oranges, the saturation of these colours is softer with a more pastel approach than that of the Ibizan style we’ll be looking at shortly. Miami might be a bold and dazzling city, with its renowned reputation as a Spring Break hot spot, but its décor is more delicate than its activities.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades can be seen heavily throughout the scheme and will add further character to the space. They are for a less daring audience, however, will still be striking within their own way. The combination of these shades works beautifully together and will create a summer inspired décor that adds warmth and charm the year round.

Incorporating these shades using soft furnishings is an ideal way to evolve the space over time. For a strong impact, the use of Roman blinds and roller blinds will captivate the eye, thanks to the large, flat surface areas. Nonetheless, if your approach to the addition of pastel colours is more ‘dipping a toe in the water’, then the use of lampshades and cushions can be just as impactful!

Enriched with nature

An aspect within Miami’s interior décor which we love is the incorporation of natural materials such as wood and marble to add depth and dimension to the space.

Types of natural materials to use

To reimagine the sense of the natural materials seen through Miami design into the home we would opt for wooden blinds. They bring depth and texture to the space while adding a sleek charm to the scheme. Shutters are another form of wooden window treatment that will add sophistication and texture. For a perfect finish, we recommend the use of the natural wood within white shutters as the colour will complement the pastel shades used throughout the summery colour scheme.

If you’d like to enjoy the cool style of marble without the significant investment in this fashionable material, you can add marble effect soft furnishings.

The Ibiza style

To kickstart our exploration into this energetic and colourful part of the world, we will be exploring the interior design that has given Ibiza a unique feel. From the exotic colours and eclectic mix of patterns throughout San Antonio, to the traditional aspects and neutral colourways that grace the old town.

image of a bohemian ibiza style curtain

Exotic colours

When we think of Ibiza, we think vibrant pinks, zesty yellows, lively blues and dynamic oranges. When combined together in their rich saturation, these colours will transform a space from a welcoming environment into an Ibizan inspired fiesta, keeping the spirit of our summer holidays alive.

Using saturated tones will enrich the space and when contrasting against a white or neutral back drop, the vibrance of this culturally rich part of the world will be maximised. To enhance the Ibizan style in the home, use tropical leaves and bohemian styled prints. They will add to the sensation of an island full of excitement and energy, without turning the home garish. To achieve this feel, use limited implementations via lamp shades or cushions.

A soft backdrop

As many Mediterranean buildings go, a crisp white wall is the foundation to keeping the space bright, light, and fresh. A crisp white wall doubles up as a blank canvas, allowing us to inject our favourite aspects of Ibizan design into our homes, from geometric print cushions to cane coffee tables.

We recommend the use of enriching taupe’s and beige’s for a subtle look or, for more panache, use deep oranges as they will add depth to the space without breaking away from the clean look.

The final furnishings

Furnishings play a vital role in any form of interior décor, they can add character, texture, and depth to a space with ease. To recreate the look and feel of an Ibizan home, light, airy  window treatments that will softly manage light can really complete the look of the space.

The use of shutters and voiles will transform the space into that of a Mediterranean island paradise. Shutters are an elegant addition to any space, and they really capture the essence of the Ibizan interior design. Voiles on the other hand will bring free-flowing ease to the space.

While over 5,000 miles apart, both Miami and Ibiza enjoy strong uses of colour to create a summer inspired scheme. Components of both locations can be used separately, or in tandem to elevate any home and while we have a fantastic selection of suitable fabrics to consider, don’t forget you can make your task easier by ordering up to eight free samples!

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