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Colour Focus: Stone Blue Interior Design

Colour Focus: Stone Blue Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 20 Dec 2021
Last updated Tue 22 Mar 2022

One of the most popular colours this year has been stone blue. The colour has made waves over the past 12 months and in today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at this exciting, calming yet homely tone and give you the tips you need to enjoy it in your space!

Stone blue interior design

Stone blue is one of those captivating colours that catches the eye without totally dominating a space. It’s cool and collected but energising too which makes it a fantastic addition to many spaces within the home, especially bedrooms, kitchens, and home workspaces.

What using different blue tones for your interior means

As we know from our Psychology of Colour: Positive Colours blog, blue is a colour that reminds us of the infinite sky and seemingly endless seas. This in turn helps us to relax and find peace. While this may be true for the majority of blue tones, stone blue – due to the injection of grey into the hue – is maybe one of the best blues to use in a calming space. This is because its saturation isn’t too high meaning it pairs well with other colours and shades to help you establish your dream décor.

We’ve said before that grey is a unifying colour and when it’s mixed in with other tones it retains this magical property. As with grey, greens and others, stone blue works with a wide variety of other popular colours, we’ve included three of our favourites below!

What colours go with stone blue

Stone blue and blue

Stone blue is an excellent colour for accentuating other shades of blue. Whether its deep navy blue, royal blue, or an electrifying icy alternative, stone blue will help to unify your space and help you enjoy a cool blue environment in your home.

The best way to enjoy this combination is to keep stone blue as your dominant shade, with the other tones supporting it in furniture, blinds, curtains or cushions. One of the easiest ways to enjoy different shades of blue is by using pattern. Once you’ve decided on your style of blind or curtain, use the handy filter on the page to uncover the patterns and designs available to you!

Stone blue and white

Stone blue, somewhat oddly, has a warming effect despite its combination of blue and grey. As a result, stone blue will work well with shades of white however its wise and recommended to use off whites which too are warming and comfortable.

Pure white won’t look bad, especially used as a junior part of your décor. With a cosy off white, you can use it to great effect as the dominant colour in a space and use stone blue to support it, especially at the windows. Roman blinds and curtains are outstanding if you use this partnership of colour in a traditional space, or Venetian or panel blinds in a contemporary, modern décor.

Stone blue and yellow

Yellow is one of the most eye-catching colours available to use in interior design. Used as a secondary colour in a space, yellow will help you focus and feel invigorated!

Many neutral colours can cause yellow to feel faded and lose some of its magic, but stone blue creates a magnificent base for it to contrast and shine. In this duo, you can enjoy pretty much any shade of yellow just watch the balance – for example, vibrant yellows are best used in smaller amounts than softer equivalents. If you’re desperate to use bold yellows, cushions and yellow lamp shades are a great starting point.

The best stone blue materials for interior design

Take your pick

Stone blue is so versatile there is hardly a material that wouldn’t benefit from its qualities. For traditionally inspired spaces, stone blue soft fabrics are hard to beat. Whether you opt for wools, linens or silks, the material and colour will work in harmony to enrich the overall style of your home.


Velvet is slightly more tricky owing to its natural shimmer but don’t forget, you can order up to eight free samples from Blinds Direct so you can see which is truly the best colour and cloth for your space.

Different types of stone blue blinds

If your home is themed more around modern trends, don’t rule out wooden, Venetian or panel blinds. The angular nature of the slats and the flat surfaces offers an excellent canvas for stone blue which is certainly one of the most underrated colours for contemporary chic design.

If you’re curious to learn more about which colours compliment each other, check out our blog for more interesting content. One of the best ones to start with is Colour Combinations for Interior Design which covers everything from sage green to fiery orange!

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