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Natural Interior Design: Stepping Into Sustainability

Natural Interior Design: Stepping Into Sustainability

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 22 Apr 2022

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, we thought we would dive into the new natural interior design style, where a combination of warming, earthy tones and natural materials is becoming increasingly popular. From woods and stones to terracotta, they all work together to create a relaxing, yet sustainable nature inspired interior décor. Let’s check it out!

image to show example of natural interior design

The new naturals

When we think of natural tones we often tend to sway more towards the colder side of the spectrum with greys, whites, and ivories, as they are often seen as easier to work with. That said, there has been a rise of warmer natural colours, from sandy colours to light browns and even terracotta’s. And we have to admit, living in the UK climate – warming tones are incredibly beneficial for making a space feel relaxing and inviting!

So, let’s look at how we can inject these warming colours into our decor, turning the home into a haven…

Sandy tones

Sandy tones can range from a light brown to a more golden yellow hue, it all depends on what beach we think of… From flowing curtains to lampshades – the addition of sandy-tone furnishings will add depth to the décor.

Shades of brown

Adding light brown shades to the décor can be a challenge, with brown being a colour that many tend to shy away from. However, mixing light brown shades with cream tones and terracotta hues will create an enticing, relaxing space. Learn more in our How to Use Shades of Brown in Interior Design blog.

Return of terracotta

Terracotta is one of the Earth’s more endearing natural colours. The deep orange-red tone enriches any interior space, making the room a soothing environment. Injecting terracotta tones into the home can be done through the addition of fabrics, paints, and wallpapers.

Roman blinds are a great choice when wanting to add an impactful punch of colour, as the large swathes of fabric capture the essence of this divine tone.

photo to show example using natural wood shutters in for interior design

The sustainable side!

What better day to think about sustainability than Earth Day? After all the Earth is our home and we all need to ensure it remains healthy. With that, the addition of natural, long lasting, and sustainably sourced materials into our homes is a great way to pay tribute to Mother Nature. Creating an interior scheme that uses antiques and upcycled furniture is a great step for an eco-friendly home, along with an environmentally friendly paint such as Graphenstone. Small factors that can have a lasting impact.

At Blinds Direct we do our part by offering an exciting range of sustainably sourced materials. They include…

Wooden blinds

Our Wooden Venetian blinds are our first port of call for sustainably sourced home furnishings. The wood they are made from comes from responsibly managed forests, allowing us to enjoy their beautiful look, and sleek lines with the least impact on the planet. Offering a selection of finishes, styles and tapes, the addition of a Wooden Venetian blind will create an elegant stylish window dressing in most rooms. They are the perfect combination of looks, practicality and sustainability, what’s not to love?


As shutters become increasingly more popular, ensuring the wood they are made from comes from a sustainable forest is vital, and here, at Blinds Direct all of our real wood shutters are!

Shutters are the essence of sophistication. They are a beautiful window dressing that allows light to flood the room, while maintaining privacy. They also have insulation properties which can benefit in both the summer and winter months, adding to the eco-friendly aspect of them. Like our wooden Venetian blinds, shutters are the perfect harmony of practicality, style, and sustainability, making them a superb choice for the home!

Recycled materials

Ensuring you have a comfortable, yet stylish home is our main goal when crafting your home furnishings, however we also want to protect the environment in the process.

In addition to using responsibly sourced woods, we also have a selection of furnishings made from recycled fabrics, ranging in style, colours, and finishes. They are the perfect choice for adding charm and excitement to the home while combining an environmentally friendly touch to the space. We have perfected the use of recyclable plastics found in many of our products, therefore the addition of our products into your interior décor will set you on the right path for a beautiful, sustainable home!  Moreover, 80% of the packaging we use to ensure your new product arrives pristine to your door is made from recycled materials further limiting the impact of your new item on the environment.  

room set image of a natural decor themed living room

Creating a new natural interior décor scheme is both stylish, on trend and environmentally friendly. All aspects in which to strive towards. Whether you decide to stick to upcycling your existing furniture but changing the colour scheme, or implementing the use of sustainably sourced furnishings, any step towards sustainability will have a positive impact on our planet.

Shop some of our products inspired by natural interior design:

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