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How To Use Shades Of Brown In Interior Design

How To Use Shades Of Brown In Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 25 Feb 2022
Last updated Fri 19 Aug 2022

Brown is a colour that’s often overlooked in 21st century interior design – and that’s quite a sad thing. Brown has a warming seriousness to it that creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. These shades of brown make us feel protected and able to relax and as a result, it’s the perfect addition to many interior design themes. Read on to find out more!

Why use brown in interior design?

In recent blogs we’ve often discussed the importance of creating a connection with nature in our homes. Many of the useful tips we’ve provided revolve around shades of green, but brown is equally good for representing the natural order in your décor.

Where green reminds us of leaves and grass, brown reminds us of the strong tree trunks that raise those leaves high, or many of those same leaves when the winter arrives. It’s partly due to this that natural, unpainted wood has been so popular in homes around the world for so long. Why not look to brown furniture and furnishings – such as brown curtains, blinds, brown lamp shades and cushions – to add a natural twist to your home’s décor today?

Different shades of brown to use in the home

As with all colours, there is an exciting array of brown shades which you can enjoy every day. Softer shades including light tans, mochas and dark cream tones can be used as a modern twist on shades of white in a contemporary take on monochrome design – or even with other zestier tones including light blues, yellow and greens.

Mid shades of coffee and chocolate brown work extremely well with accessories in a range of décor themes from traditional to scandi and, returning briefly to modern monochrome spaces, dark browns are an elegant replacement for black.

One of the best ways to enjoy brown in your home is with natural wooden blinds. Here, the natural colouration of the wood will make a space feel sophisticated and stylish in equal measure!

image to show how to use different shades of brown for interiors

Which colours go with brown in interior design?

Brown sits closely to other natural shades, especially creams and neutral tones. As a result, these are excellent colours to use within your brown interior design, but they’re far from being the only colours you should consider!

Brown and orange

The brown and orange combination works as it’s pulled straight from nature. You need only think of an autumnal vista for a moment to think of all the beautiful brown and orange leaves scattered over the ground.

Brown and green

Combining brown and green again creates a fresh, natural feel in the home but it is important to think strategically about placement of these colours. After all, you don’t want to accidentally create a camouflage feel in your home.

Brown and pink

This duet is a little less nature-inspired, but believe me, it looks beautiful. When adding pink to a predominantly brown space, consider using dusky shades of pink, or even more coral tones to add sophisticated pops of colour into your design theme.

Brown and metallic tones

Metallic tones can sometimes be a bit tricky, however with brown they really shine! Whether you pick traditional metallic tones such as gold, silver, or bronze – or something different like a metallic red, blue or pink – brown will help you to frame these dynamic colours and make the most of their sparkle.

We have to mention the 70s!

Brown was a very popular colour in the 1970s. From large comfy sofas to equally comfortable chocolate brown Rolls Royces, brown was all the rage in this remarkably stylish decade.

Many of the core principles of interior design found in the 1970s work very well with brown. The materials – especially velvet – and patterns made popular in the 70s often work well with different shades of brown, especially rich chocolate shades. We recently explored 1970s interior design – check it out and learn from this most diverse of decades!

The psychology of using brown colours in interior design

Due to its earthy tone, brown is often associated with resilience and durability. This means that using brown within interior design can make a space feel safe and secure while still stylish and exciting.

The connection brown has to the earth and the real world is also very grounding. While it’s not bold or punchy, brown is a colour that is powerful without being over the top – it’s very down to earth. Add almost any shade of brown into your space to make it comfy and enjoy the psychological power it offers.

Finding the right colour for your home can feel like a daunting task, but it needn’t be. At Blinds Direct we offer up to eight free samples for customers see their chosen fabrics in the flesh. Order your free samples today to find the perfect shade of brown for your home!

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