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Blinds Direct Colour Of The Year 2022 – Soft Green!

Blinds Direct Colour Of The Year 2022 – Soft Green!

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 7 Jan 2022

2021 has been an excellent year for colour in interior design. We’ve explored a range of exciting tones from orange to navy blue, anthracite to lilac; but in today’s blog, we’ll be celebrating the colour we feel will become even more popular in 2022! With a focus on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint too, what colour could be more fitting of the title than soft green?

Soft green – our colour of the year 2022

After another year of uncertainty and disruption, it’s hardly surprising that home decorators are moving to familiar softer, more natural shades. In recent months, we’ve noticed a significant upturn in interest for soft green furnishings – from blinds and curtains, to cushions and lamp shades. As a result, we’re excited to name soft green as Blind Direct’s colour of the year 2022, as influenced by our style-conscious customers!

Supporting this, Dulux recently published four inspiring new palettes for 2022 and it’s unsurprising that three of those palettes make extensive use of soft shades, from neutrals to greens. 

The popularity of different green colours

Additionally, Farrow & Ball also placed their stunning Breakfast Room Green No.81 as one of their top five colours for the new year; while a colour consultant at Earth Born said ‘The green trend has been popular for a couple of years now due to being versatile and flattering in any room’.

What type of colour is soft green?

Soft green is clearly a colour that’s captured the imagination of decorators across the country. It’s synonymous with nature, spring and rejuvenation and is known to have a calming effect on us mentally. Options for soft shades of green include – but are not limited to – eucalyptus, sage and fern. These beautiful shades can work as the leading colour in a space adding a cool charm to your design.You can learn more about specific shades of soft green in our Colour Focus: Youthful Eucalyptus and Colour Focus: Colours That Go With Sage Green Interiors blogs.

The benefits of soft green in interior design

In recent months, soft shades of green have become a cornerstone in many fashionable design trends including Scandi, folk art, village green and Cottagecore. This is not only because of its intrinsic powers, but also because of its versatility. 

Energising yet elegant

Working well with a whole host of other colours, soft green has the ability to add flare to a space, or an interesting yet subtle foundation to build upon. 

Whether you select a block pale green Roman blind or roller blind – or use similar shades as part of an exciting green patterned curtain, soft greens are colours that will energise and excite for years to come. Don’t forget, you can help find the perfect shade of green for your decor by ordering eight free samples via the website! 

So, what are the best ways to use our colour of the year? Read on to learn more…

room set image of soft green sofa in front of a floor to ceiling window with linen curtains

Tips for using soft greens in interior design

Soft greens tend to refer to the softer, often greyer tones of green available to enjoy within the home. Working in a range of exciting yet sophisticated interior design themes – especially Scandi and 1970s inspired spaces – natural shades of green can help a space feel calm and refreshing, the perfect combination for living rooms, study spaces and bedrooms.

Natural, soft greens

In living spaces, you can use natural, soft greens as part of your colour palette for the furniture, wall paint or window furnishings. Additionally, in the bathroom you can pick it for your towels, and eucalyptus bedding and pillows would add a feeling of calm to any bedroom

What materials go well with soft green?

For the best results, we suggest partnering these shades with lighter materials such as linen and cotton. The synergy between the colours and fabrics will create something that’s delicate to behold but long lasting and stylish.

Make the most of light

Moreover, natural greens interact well with light so look to use these shades around your windows. Natural green curtains, Roman blinds and other quality window furnishings will add depth and charisma to your space easily and effectively.

Other types of green to consider in interior design

Soft greens are delicate and soft however there are many other powerful shades of green which can add an impactful statement in your interior design.

Lime green

Some daring readers may be set on using vibrant lime, chartreuse or even neon in great quantities in their space – and all power to them – but for many of us, brighter, more saturated shades of green are best used as spot colours.

Using spot colours is easier to master than you may expect if you look at accessories and patterns.

Forest green

Forest green accessories can be strategically placed in a space to add charming spots of detail and excitement to your décor. Forest green cushions and lamp shades will contrast well with a range of colours including dark blues and berry reds.

If, however, you don’t want to use forest green as a block of colour, you can instead use it well as a part of a pattern. Patterned fabrics are available in a fantastic selection of designs from stripes of alternating colours to playful spots and classically chic floral inspired shapes.

Selecting a material that makes use of bold green shades will gently draw the eyes of friends and family alike to your Roman blind, roller blind, curtain, or homeware.

image of a soft green curtain with fruit on it next to green wooden table

It may seem obvious to say but we love soft green in interior design! Have you used it in your home, or are you planning to in 2022? Share your thoughts and green interiors with us on social media, we’d love to know what you think. You can view our soft green collection here.

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