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The Silk Road: Exploring Afghan Design

The Silk Road: Exploring Afghan Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 13 Apr 2022

With more than six thousand years of history, Afghanistan is a country that has been home to many cultures, religions, and beliefs. As a result, this remarkable country has accumulated a variety of styles and techniques, which we know and love today. From Buddhist statues to Iranian architecture, Afghan interior design is captivating and endearing. In today’s blog we will be looking at how to implement this enchanting style into our homes!

Afghan interior design

Afghanistan is located on the historic silk road, connecting India and China to Persia and beyond. Due to this, the interior design style we know today represents layers of cultural history that have evolved over time. With the strong presence of rich colours, vivid patterns and heavy embroideries, Afghan interior design is an embracing style full of warmth and texture.

Vivid afghan patterns

Vivid patterns are one of the main elements within Afghan interior design and it is often depicted through rugs, cushions and crochet blankets or throws. The use of geometric patterns help to create a striking design, while keeping the number furnishings to a minimum. In Afghan living rooms, little furniture is present, as vivid patterned cushions and rugs are used to provide comfort for family and friends.

Heavy embroideries

Embroidered fabrics are a great way for adding intricate details into spaces, adding a luxurious look and feel to the décor. Afghan design often sees implementations of embroideries throughout the home and with minimal furniture used, embroideries are a wonderful way of enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

The traditional Afghani way for injecting embroideries into a space is done using cushions, however here in the UK, where adding luxury and warmth into our homes is important. Embroidered Roman blinds and curtains are ideal for creating a sophisticated, cosy atmosphere.

image to show example of afghan interior design

Rich colours

When we think of Afghan design, reds and browns are the colours that spring to mind. The rich, warming tones can instantly change the feel and atmosphere within a space, making the sensation of relaxation more predominant.


Red is the most dominant colour present within Afghan interiors. The warming tones can be seen incorporated throughout Afghan homes, ranging from soft hues to deep, rich tones, verging on burgundy.

For many, red can be an intimidating colour, however it is ideal to start off in small amounts and layer up over time. For example, easily injecting reds into our existing schemes can be done through lampshades and cushions. From there, evolving the colour scheme to be red dominant can be done through the use of patterned roller binds or curtains – if you are feeling daring!


Brown is a strong colour seen throughout the interior scheme. With its strong connection to nature, browns are a great colour for feeling grounded and it helps bring us back to the present moment. Seen incorporated through patterned cushions and rugs, Afghan homes are a host of brown tones creating a cosy atmosphere.


Fabric plays an important role in any interior décor, yet particularly so in Afghan design. From the use of silks adding a luxurious shimmer to the space, and wool for texture and warmth, a combination of these different textiles and their unique qualities will create the charming essence of an Afghan home.


When we think of silks, we think of luxury and sophistication. And with Afghanistan being situated on the Silk Road, the use of this fabric was prime within homes. Seen throughout Afghan homes, silks are used to add a glamorous touch to their interiors.

Adding a luxurious touch to our homes can be done through the use of silk roman blinds and curtains. Incorporating Afghan inspired colours with a rich silk fabric will instantly make our homes feel like the Silk Road treasure trove.


Afghanistan and wool are two things we wouldn’t think about putting together since the heat of the country and the density of wool don’t initially seem to go hand in hand.

However, the use of the dense textile is a wonderful way of adding texture and comfort into a space. Seen through the use of throws and cushions in Afghan living rooms, wool provides longevity to the furnishings. Replicate the use of wool in Afghan homes in your décor through cushions, curtains, and Roman blinds. The addition of a geometric pattern or a warming colour way will have you on the right path for achieving an Afghan inspired interior décor.

example image to show what the interior of an afghan home looks like

Afghanistan is a country full of history, culture, and inspiration. Recreating an Afghan interior décor is a great way to instantly add warmth, colour, and texture into the space. With a range of textiles, patterns, and colours, Blinds Direct has an array of furnishings to implement into our homes to reimagine an Afghan interior décor!

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