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The Wonderful World Of Walnut Colours

The Wonderful World Of Walnut Colours

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 19 Oct 2022

The oldest tree food known to man, walnut trees were once believed to be the property of Jupiter, king of the gods. Today, walnuts remain popular in a diverse array of foods, but the wood of the trees they grow from has great appeal in interior design. If you want to add a stylish touch of natural beauty to your home, read on to learn how walnut colours can help your decor to grow and blossom.

Walnut colours

While we spend a lot of time thinking about the colours and materials of curtains, sofas, cushions, and other soft furnishings, it’s important to think equally hard about other materials. From tables to shutters, chairs to cabinets, quality woods are some of the best materials for making a stylish and trendy statement. Perhaps the best of all woods is walnut. 

Colours that go with walnut

The deep, moody colour of walnut offers stylish decorators the opportunity to add a rich yet neutral colour to their decor. Moreover, walnut will also work well with myriad colours which are popular in some of the most stylish design trends. These are some of the best colour combinations using walnut:

image to show how the walnut colour can work in interior design

Mix walnut and mustard

Walnuts and mustard are fabulous in a salad, but they work equally well in the world of interior design! As we know, walnut is a lovely warming colour and so too is mustard, combined; you can enjoy a supremely comfortable and cosy space. For a cool tertiary colour, consider soft shades of grey. For maximum style, find mustard and grey cushions and lamp shades. 

Consider walnut, red and taupe

Keeping to the warming aesthetic, mixing walnut with red and taupe will create a space that’s as welcoming as mustard, but with a more traditional edge. For a truly excellent style statement, fit walnut Venetian blinds inside your window recess with deep red patterned curtains. To add depth to your decor, add shades of brown and taupe. Comfy brown leather chairs will help to create a foundation from which to use walnut and red.

image to show how red goes well with the walnut colour
image to show what is walnut colour

Combine blue, aubergine and walnut

Purple is well known as the most regal of colours but, of the shades encompassed by the term, aubergine is perhaps the purple of the moment. Rich, deep and somewhat muted, aubergine has a natural feel to it making it a perfect partner for walnut. The richness of these darker colours will manifest a space that’s studious and comfortable. Perfect for trends including dark academia, aubergine can also be used with light neutrals in a stylish mid-century millennial room. With both styles, consider adding pops of bright blue to add energy. 

Walnut, perfect for Scandi interiors

Speaking of trends, Scandi interior design remains one of the most popular styles of recent years. At the core of scandi design is a feeling of openness and nature, and wood is the foundation this style is built upon. Scandi inspired spaces often feature cool greys, pale greens and warmer cream shades which are all perfect for pairing with walnut furniture and furnishings, especially around the windows to interact with natural light. 


At Blinds Direct we have a fantastic array of quality walnut furnishings to enhance your home with. These are some of our customers’ favourites.

image to show example of walnut colour furniture

Walnut shutters

Made from the finest hardwood and finished with a rich walnut stain, our walnut shutters are a stylish and functional way to add a natural look to your windows. Built to the highest standards, they offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, remaining lightweight while durable. There are also options available including Cafe, Full Height or Tier-On-Tier! Learn more in our shutters buyers’ guide.

image to show how to use walnut coloured blinds at home

Walnut Venetian blinds

Wooden blinds are an excellent choice, offering great functionality, durability and the timeless beauty of natural wood. Walnut coloured Venetian blinds look striking around the home, but particularly when paired with a quality curtain. Our made to measure wooden blinds are crafted using sustainably sourced woods, supporting global communities and environments. Learn more about these beautiful blinds in our buyers’ guide for wooden blinds.

image to show a walnut coloured curtain pole

Walnut curtain poles

The richness of walnut makes it the ideal bedfellow for curtains, so what could be better than a quality walnut curtain pole? The perfect accompaniment for heavy fabrics such as velvet, a walnut curtain pole will add a chic touch to your space while its quality will make it last for the long term. Find out more about our quality poles in the buyers’ guide for curtain poles.

At Blinds Direct, we’re committed to using only the finest quality woods and ensure they’re sourced from responsibly managed forests. This commitment limits the impact of our products upon the environment, allowing you to rest assured that your new furnishing hasn’t contributed to deforestation. You can learn more about green design in our blog on How To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly.

Shop some of our favourite products perfect for walnut inspired interiors:

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