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Colour Focus: Colours That Go With Sage Green Interiors

Colour Focus: Colours That Go With Sage Green Interiors

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 8 May 2018
Last updated Tue 5 Apr 2022

The new neutral has landed and it’s taking the interiors world by storm. While it is a delicate hue, Sage is highly versatile and brings a strong, grounded feeling to many interior styles. Let’s explore this stylish shade and some colours that go with sage green in more detail…

What colour is Sage Green?

Named after the colour of dried herbs, Sage is a dusky chalky green that sits between stone and olive on the colour charts. It is a pleasant alternative to the traditional neutrals of beige and taupe, offering a soft springtime twist on an otherwise earthy tone.

Shades of Sage can vary slightly. Some will appear warmer, owed to a bigger injection of yellow, while others will feel cooler, calmer and more grey-toned.

Often associated with the Georgian period, Sage is a traditional colour choice that remains a staple in classically decorated homes. Along with burgundy and wedgwood, it is a typical heritage shade that works beautifully in period properties. However, despite its ties to the 18th century, Sage also complements a range of modern styles. Favoured for its versatility, Sage helps to create a sense of dimension, along with a freshness that other neutral shades can’t offer. This is due to its balanced tones of grey and green, which bring depth and vibrance respectively.

At first glance, Sage may seem unexciting. But thanks to 2017’s colour of the year, Greenery, coupled with a rejuvenated focus on sustainability and the natural world, the potential of greenish tones has been unlocked. This colour is now cropping up throughout the home, utilised in a wide range of fresh and experimental ways.

image of cream sofa to show colours that go with sage green
photo of sage green curtains in living room next to cream chair to show the best colours to go with sage

Colours that go with Sage Green

Sage is very easy to use in both classic and contemporary decor, as both a sophisticated heritage shade and a cool, calming pastel. So, let’s have a look at some of the best colours to use with Sage Green.

It sits well next to other muted tones, including soft pinks, mineral shades of blue and earthy shades (which is a key interior design trends for 2021) of ochre and ginger. If you’re keen to include additional neutrals, feel confident in Sage’s ability to blend with the likes of dove grey, charcoal and cream. If this is the course you settle upon, be sure to use sage tones generously. Using neutral tones together in a reserved fashion can cause some of the colours to be missed. To navigate this, it’s our recommendation that you use sage in a feature wall, curtain or large items of furniture, somewhere where it won’t be easily missed.  Other shades of green will also work harmoniously, including the glorious jewel tones of emerald and jade, as well as other herby shades of fennel and mint. This wide choice of colour palettes makes Sage a truly versatile option for the home.

For more daring decorators, other colours are available that equally enhance sage. These more dynamic, eye-catching tones include soft pinks, mineral blues and earthy shades of ochre and ginger. Where we suggested neutral tones be used generously, we recommend using these bolder colours a little more sparingly.

For example, these tones would enhance a liberal use of sage in the form of a sleek Roman or roller blind, stylish lampshade or comfy cushion. That way we don’t detract from the coolness of the sage, but instead enrich it.

Where to use Sage Green in the home

Sage is an elegant and restful colour, so it is perfectly suited to the bedroom. Team with dusky pinks and pale lilacs for a soothing and feminine feeling, or opt for pops of teal and turquoise for a stronger interior display. In the kitchen, choose Sage for a statement wall or cabinetry. Over in the living room, it works brilliantly when incorporated into the patterns on your wallpaper, curtainsblinds and cushions. This colour brings a warm and comfortable feeling into any space, whilst offering a subtle nod towards the great outdoors.

When it comes to furniture and accessory pairings, Sage is the perfect accompaniment to any wood shade. It looks lovely with all natural woodgrains, from the deepest richest tones to soft pale oaks. Metal can also be used with Sage, including the warmer tones of gold and brass, as well as cold pewters and chromes. Monochrome schemes will benefit from Sage too, so don’t be afraid to mix things up with B&W accents.

Embrace the colour Sage and colours that go with Sage and make more of your windows with a high quality, made to measure blind from Blinds Direct. Want to know more about the latest styles and trending colours? Get in touch with our team for more information.

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