Trend Focus: 70s Folk Collection

Trend Focus: 70s Folk Collection

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Fri 12 May 2017

An appealing blend of 1970s funk and folkish florals with earthy tones and abstract prints. Our 70s Folk Collection blends the excitement of an eclectic era with the casual, cultural quality of folkish style.

Our Interior Designers carefully curated this range to reflect playfulness and simplicity, nodding towards the ethnic flavour of the 1970s, and providing a return to simpler times. Find out more…

1970s Interior Design

Cool retro interior design with roller blindThe 1970s was a defining decade for design. It was a time that encouraged individuality, when fashion rules no longer applied. From bell-bottoms, mini-skirts and platform shoes, to gender-neutral sweaters, jeans and vintage pieces, ’70s style was certainly eclectic. New technologies also meant that these items could be produced at a much higher rate, and low-priced synthetic pieces swept through the market. This new ideology didn’t just remain on the catwalk, however.

1970s interior design centred around strong colour schemes, bold patterns and interesting textures. Open plan living was prolific, and kitchens became larger. Organic materials also made a comeback as people began to realise the environmental implications of plastic, in particular teak and pine, which became prevalent in furniture and wall panelling. The bright primary colours of the ’50s and ’60s parred down to shades of brown, orange, purple and yellow, which although deep and dull, were nonetheless effective.

Folk interior design, cushions and curtainsFolk Interior Design

Folk-inspired design has continued to grow in popularity over the last five years, having been previously limited to the most bohemian of households. This mismatched manner of decoration echoes the self expression of the ’70s; rooms can be adorned with hand-selected pieces, textiles are bright, wallpaper is bold and ceramics are chunky. The vibe is carefree with a hint of femininity, harking back to the traditions of your chosen cultural inspiration.

Folk interiors focus around the artisanal and the authentic. The style shares several qualities with vintage, particularly in its love for up-cycling. Some of our favourite examples of folk-inspired design include Scandinavian wood and metal crafts, Eastern European floral patterns, Moroccan tiles and Chinese porcelain, all of which can be easily incorporated into your home for a charming folkish finish.

Our 70s Folk Collection

The Blinds Direct 70s Folk Collection seamlessly combines both styles, making for an inspiring range of eye-catching prints, contrasting colour ways and high quality fabrics. The collection exudes a distinctive cultural aesthetic, bringing charm and interest to your windows.

The 1970s vibe will work together alongside other interior styles, its warm colour palette offering a pleasant pop of colour. Bright, bold prints contrast the plain, light fabrics they’re set upon, creating an interesting and playful contrast. Meanwhile, the folk features provide a nod towards various international heritages, as well as drawing from the ever-popular Scandi trend – particularly last season’s hygge focus. Bold prints are again set upon plain natural materials, bringing simplicity and an eco-friendly edge. The entire collection is fuss-free and high quality, involving only cottons, linens and real wood.

Our Interior Designers chose to focus on this season’s most intriguing colour palette – navy blue and orange – which could be observed in recent AW18 fashion weeks. Both are set to be big in the coming months! We are so glad that the fashion and interior design industries are now so connected, allowing us to pick up on these fantastic colour combinations. Here are some of our favourite 70s Folk products – just click the images to find out more, and be sure to explore the full collection.


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