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Trend Focus: Scandi Boho Interior Design

Trend Focus: Scandi Boho Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 28 Jul 2022
Last updated Mon 15 May 2023

Classic Scandi interior design is stylish, sleek and the epitome of minimalist cool. However,  adding just a hint of disorder and imperfection creates something new and exciting. Today’s trend, Scandi Boho, captures that striking Scandi edge and adds a homely touch with only a few small but important changes. Curious to know more about Scandi Boho? Read on…

Build from a Scandi foundation

Before getting into the specifics of today’s trend, it’s important to understand Scandi interior design as this is in many ways the foundation from which to build your Scandi Boho space.

Minimal and simple, Scandi interior design has been one of the most popular trends for decades. It uses natural vistas to inspire its colours which work together to create a clean, bright, and crisp visage. The colours are formed around pale shades of off white with accents of slate grey and dark mossy greens.

Using this as a starting point, you can then evolve the space into a fashionable Scandi Boho sanctuary by simply adding texture and pattern. This is where things get really interesting! Unlike the art gallery-esque aesthetic of pure Scandi, Scandi Boho doesn’t dictate the abundance of straight lines and cool block colours, or the “everything has its place” rule, it provides you with the opportunity to add a more comfortable essence and thus pattern and texture.

image to show example of what a scandi boho living room

Pattern and dark tones in Scandi Boho spaces

The colours found in Scandi Boho interior design remain much the same as traditional Scandi, but with some small yet important differences.

Scandi Boho interior design is the mixture of cool minimalism with rich textures and patterns. It keeps the spirit and chic nature of Scandi but projects it in a more eclectic and varied way. By opening the somewhat rigid nature of traditional Scandi design, you can create rooms that become quiet, comfortable refuges.  

To make a Scandi Boho space, keep the structural parts of the room (doors, walls etc) in a cool white and while keeping furniture efficient and simple, you can make things a little more artistic and unconventional.

For example, instead of adding block cream cushions to your functional sofa, look at plump, geometric or stripe pattern cushions in a limited palette including anthracite and black – you can even add throws in a similar pattern too! For a particularly chic effect, add a quality matt black curtain pole to your natural-coloured curtains for a delicate Boho contrast.

Sweeping pale block colour curtains set within this bright vista will make the space chic but for a hint of Bohemian style, a patterned Roman blind – featuring black or grey – inside of the recess will ensure we capture the more eccentric side of today’s trend. If you want to go easy on the heavy fabrics, airy Illusion Blinds may be the option for you!

Add texture to your Scandi Boho décor

The objective with Scandi Boho is to add a cosy atmosphere to your home. Linen and cotton soft furnishings will help add a textured feel to your décor.

Keeping these textured furnishings in a neutral colour palette will maintain the trendy style of Scandi décor while also helping you to unwind and relax. To add further elegant yet relaxing items to your home, you can also use beautiful natural woods. The use of white window frames from the Scandi side of the equation should also remain so if you’re considering wooden Venetian blinds or shutters, keep them chic and white, or select lighter wood tones.

Finally, to combine both texture and the natural splendour of wood, consider adding wicker or rattan accessories to the room. Whether they are plant pots or storage units, these materials when retaining their natural wood colour will help to unify the space into one cosy and comfortable whole.

room set image to show example of scandi boho decor

Scandi Boho Room Ideas

Scandi Boho is an ideal interior design trend for helping you switch off and destress. With plenty of nice textures and comforting colours, Scandi Boho decor works wonders in relaxation spaces. Let’s take a look at some of the best Scandi Boho room ideas!

image of a scandi boho styled bedroom

Scandi boho bedrooms

A Scandi Boho bedroom will help you to relax in chic style. Like the living room, you’ll need to keep a track of the minimalist edge, but here you can really embrace the Boho side of the trend. Delicate patterns on curtains or Roman blinds with matching cushions on chairs and even the bed will curate a beautiful place to sleep in.

While you can add plenty of layers to the bed and layer your windows to create a cosy environment, maintain the Scandi half of this trend with plenty of natural grey shades, warmer shades of white and natural wood. Whether you have wooden chairs or a wooden bedhead, having a natural twist will help you find peace in style.

Scandi boho living rooms

Living rooms are perhaps the most used spaces in our homes so adding a touch of Scandi Boho here will improve its style and function in no time!

Things to look out for include comfortable yet stylish furniture and well chosen window furnishings. One of the best effects to add to a Scandi Boho living room is a wavy, casual looking curtain. What’s more, these curtains can also help you introduce the earlier mentioned geometric or stripe pattern.

When it comes to Scandi Boho living rooms, don’t lose track of the cool minimalism aspect. To keep that at the forefront of your decor, you can find matching lamp shades and cushions for all our curtains, helping you to keep a cohesive minimalist feeling in the room. 

room set image of a scandi boho living room

Finding the perfect level of imperfection in your Scandi Boho space may seem tricky, but with a little care and attention, you can introduce it into any part of your home. If you’re not 100% sure on which blinds or home accessories are the right fit for you, check out our handy buyers’ guides!

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