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Trend Focus: Zen Bathrooms

Trend Focus: Zen Bathrooms

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 13 Feb 2023

Finding zen is one of the easiest ways to love yourself. Moreover, you can introduce zen into your home to better love where you unwind after a busy day. While you can transform any room into a zen space, one of the best places is the bathroom. Bathrooms offer us privacy, peace and can help us feel refreshed – that’s why they are the best contender for adding some zen! Today, we’ll take a look at how you can make a zen bathroom.

What is zen interior design?

Ever since painting hands and animals on cave walls, humans have looked to make their marks on their homes. Over the millennia, people have adopted a range of styles using every colour on the spectrum, but for many of us, all we want is to curate a relaxing environment. 

Zen originated from China and is synonymous with peace and the removal of stress and pressure from life.  In a post pandemic world, many of us have fallen back in love with where we live, shifting from them being hubs to sleep in, to homes where we live, spend time with loved ones and work. Where we are now often busier at home, finding a pocket of calm is even more important than ever before. This makes the bathroom the perfect space for adding a touch of zen. For maximum effect, we need to consider colour, fabric, and nature! 

Top tips for a zen bathroom

These are our three top tips for zen bathrooms.

1. Connect with nature

In a world of screens, connectivity, and devices, it’s important we don’t lose track of our connections with nature. For a zen bathroom, we need to start with plants. Tall, waxy leaf plants or short potted succulents on sinks or shelves will help add some greenery and a calming influence on the room. Wood is also great for zen design, but it’s important to choose faux wood for moisture rich spaces such as bathrooms. Unlike real wood, quality faux wooden Venetian blinds won’t warp or crack when exposed to water. 

2. Find restful colours

Colour is a great way for enjoying a zen bathroom. Where shades of brilliant white and bright grey can be a little cold or clinical, more muted shades of cream and warmer greys will help you find bliss in no time. Dusky shades of blue will also add to the calming power of your zen bathroom. To match with your plants, you can also add natural greens colours to your decor to enhance the organic calm of the space. Soft use of metallic shades can also add a bit of magic to the space, look at hues of silver or burnished golds to maximum effect!

3. Enjoy the right fabrics

In a zen bathroom, you must spend time thinking about the right fabric. This isn’t just because of the zen nature, it’s also about which fabrics work best in a moisture rich space like a bathroom. We’ve already spoken about faux wood for zen bathrooms, but what soft fabrics will work? Linen Roman blinds create a cool, airy effect, and if you have larger windows in your bathroom, illusion blinds will help you stay private while letting natural light and fresh air fill the space. Texture is key for zen bathrooms but go for coarser fabrics over soft. 

If you’re unsure as to whether a particular fabric or colour will work for your zen bathroom, you can always order up to eight free samples from the website! 

To finalise your zen bathroom, and add to the fabric, colour, and plants in the room, add fragrant candles and other nice smelling things. By following these steps, you’ll be enjoying your zen bathroom in no time! For further information, enjoy our Zen Inspired Interior Design blog.

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