Buyer's Guide
for electric blinds

electric blinds
Photo of a living room with the Somfy system
electric blinds

Our electric blinds

Somfy Electric Blinds

A woman and a man shopping for electric blinds
electric blinds

Why buy electric blinds

Quick and simple to fit and setup with the need for an electrician.
Convenience: Control multiple electric blinds from one remote with the push of a button
Smart home integration with the Tahoma App and Somfy TaHoma Switch or Somfy Connectivity Kit.
Energy efficiency: Program to open and close at specific times, to regulate indoor temperature and save energy.
Enhanced privacy and security: Adjust them even when you're not at home Rechargeable batteries and no wiring required!
Available for a range of popular blind styles from Romans to rollers!
Photo of electric roller blinds
electric blinds

Styles of electric blinds

Photo of electric blinds
A photo of a variety of Somfy products
electric blinds

Get Smart! Maximise the convenience of electric blinds

Connectivity comparison

User features Connectivity Kit TaHoma Switch
App Tahoma app
Scenes Control independent scenes or by group
Manual Scenes
Scheduled Scenes
Advanced Scenes
Scene capacity 20 manual 40 manual
20 scheduled
20 advanced
Home equipment compatabilities Connectivity Kit TaHoma Switch
Capacity 20 connected devices > 200 connected devices
Blinds Direct Electric Blinds Roman Blinds
Roller Blinds
Double Roller Blinds
Wooden Blinds
Day & Night Blinds
Other Somfy operated devices / fixtures Motors External roller shutters
Garage doors
External roller shutters
Garage doors
Cameras and alarms
Protocols See icons on Somfy table See icons on Somfy table
Compatible third party technologies / devices Cloud
Local API
Philips Hue
Zigbee 3.0
Voice assistants and user interfaces Connectivity Kit TaHoma Switch
Voice asssistant
Other Connectivity Kit TaHoma Switch
Back up in case of internet disconnection Manual & scheduled scenes
Internal clock
A photo of electric blinds accessories
electric blinds

Accessorise your electric blinds

A photo of someone buying electric roller blinds
electric blinds

How to motorise your blinds

explainer image to show how to measure for wooden blinds
electric blinds

How To Measure For Electric Blinds

photo to show that wooden blinds from blins direct are available in different sizes
electric blinds

How To Fit Electric Blinds

A photo of a Somfy smart home
electric blinds

How to connect electric blinds to remote operation

Powered by Somfy
electric blinds

Powered by Somfy

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