Bedroom Curtains

image of wooden bed side table next to bed and cream bedroom curtains

An introduction to bedroom curtains

The best bedroom curtains

At Blinds Direct, we have a fantastic range of materials, colours, and patterns available from which we craft our curtains. This diverse selection allows you to find the perfect curtain for your bedroom, regardless of its style or theme. Whether you're looking for long, floor length curtains for a traditionally inspired bedroom, or sill length kids curtains for your little one's bedroom, we'll have the perfect quality option for you. Some of the best bedroom curtains are:

bedroom room set image with two windows with curtains and a bed next to house plant and lamp shade
image to show example of how modern bedroom curtains look in a home
bedroom room set image with bed next to table and large window with long curtains

Bedroom curtain headings

photo of white and gold themed bedroom with narrow window and long gold curtains fitted
image of white and blue bed next to two windows with cream bedroom curtains

How to make the most of your bedroom curtains

close up photo of bed next to two windows with grey and voile bedroom curtains
room set image with house plant in the corner and lampshade overhanging bed next to two windows with shell printed curtains

Quality handmade bedroom curtains

image to show example of how two different types of bedroom curtains can work well at home

How to measure for bedroom curtains

Faqs for bedroom curtains

How long should bedroom curtains be?

Which type of curtains are best for bedrooms?

Which colour curtains are good for bedrooms?

Should bedroom curtains be blackout?

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