Children's Curtains

image of white wooden wooden chair with cushion and toys on it next to window with children's curtains fitted

An introduction to childrens curtains

The best children's curtains

With a fantastic range of fabrics, patterns and colours to select from, finding the perfect curtain to complement your child's bedroom decor has never been so easy. Whether you're wanting floor length curtains to achieve maximum impact or a minimalist look with a shorter sill-length curtain, Blinds Direct has your window covered! Our made-to-measure curtains allow you to add the perfect curtain to your kid's bedroom. Take a look at some of our customers' favourite children's curtains:

Photo of a children's room with bed next to window with curtains with car print hanging
room set image of a pink girls room with bed next to large window and children's curtains with dinosaur print
room set photo of blue themed childs room with wooden bed next to wndow with blue children's curtains fitted

How to make the most of children's curtains

photo of a blue chair next to a wooden basket with books in it beside children's curtains
photo of children's room with bed next to a chalk board and window and blue curtains

Quality handmade children's curtains

image of a den in a kids room next to a children's curtains with pattern that matches the wall

Child Safe Children's Curtains

Faqs for children's curtains

How best to choose curtains for your children's room?

Should children's room curtains be blackout?

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