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Beat The Winter Blues With….Blue

Beat The Winter Blues With….Blue

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 7 Feb 2022

There is often an assumption – rooted in years of miscalculated thought – that blue is a cold, uninviting colour. We’ve all heard it before “don’t use blue, it makes a space chilly and unwelcoming”, but is this really true? While it is certainly correct that blue may not be as warm as oranges, browns, or reds, thinking it will have an adverse effect on the feeling of your home is not. Therefore, today we’ll be celebrating using blue in the home, regardless of how cold the days may be, and show how you can beat the winter blues with this amazing colour.

The “problem” with blue

Blue often has a bad reputation. Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year and there is even an entire genre of usually sad music that shares its name – but why is this?

It appears the only link between blue and the cold is its association with water. Yes, when you get wet you get cold – but – water is the foundation of life and as such, the colour we associate with it should make us feel happy and calm.

Interestingly, on a psychological level, these are the exact feelings which blue brings out in us. It’s seen as non-threatening, calming, and serene. These emotions are exactly what we want in our homes. These places are for us to relax in and find peace following long, often arduous days beyond their walls.

image of blue patterned sofa and matching curtain in living room

How to beat the winter blues

As with almost any colour, too much of the same tone can overpower a space so when using blue, it’s best to mix it up a little.

With most colours, “mixing it up” really means the introduction of other colours – however – with blue, you can happily use different shades of blue in a room to transform it into a palace of tranquillity. To achieve this; find a tone which you love, whether its powder sky blue or rich sophisticated navy, finding your dominant colour should be your first step.

From there, you can identify other shades of blue with which to elevate your décor. A fantastic example of this is to use light, dusky blues – such as a duck egg blue – as the dominant colour and add depth and charm to it by fitting indigo Roman blinds, or blue curtains, and matching cushions. Try not to go overboard with the tones used in the space, as a rule stick to three but you can push it to four if one is only used sparingly.

By adding a sense of depth to your space, you’ll make it feel roomier and as a result, find it easier to relax in. While the wind batters the windows and the ice settles on your car, you’ll be able to relax, recover and most importantly; beat the winter blues.

Warm blue materials

When looking to beat the winter blues, considering which materials you’ll use around the home is very important. While blue silks, linens and cottons are perfect fabrics for spring and summer, there are some stunning heavier blue materials that are the ideal addition for winter.

Chief amongst these winter fabrics must be to use different types of velvet. Velvet is heavy, thick, and warming, adding elegance and sophistication to outfits and homes alike. Blue velvet interacts beautifully with light, creating a magic sparkle within a home!

Blue shades of wool are also excellent warming fabrics to enjoy in the winter, so too are our recycled fabrics which will make your space more homely whilst protecting the planet.

How to keep your space warm this winter

There are many facets of winter which cause us irritation. The dark, the ice, and of course the flu, but cold weather is certainly one of the things we hate most about these months.

Not only is the cold unpleasant, fighting it is also expensive – and prices are expected to go up! That said, there are steps you can take to improve your home’s resilience to the chillier climate. These steps include cleaning radiator systems, updating your boiler settings and wearing more layers. You can also use blinds and curtains to improve the heating in your space.

Using a specialist thermal lining will help insulate your space from the cold keeping you warmer and ultimately happier! Thermal linings are available as a free upgrade with any curtain or Roman blind which we handcraft here in the UK. Thermal linings create dead-air space between you and the cold allowing rooms to retain their heat, keeping you snug while the world outside remains miserable.

Winter may still be with us for a while longer, but by using blue – and some other tips within the home – you can help fend off the winter blues. Remember, if you’re not 100% on which shades of blue to consider, you can order up to eight free samples on the website.

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