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Colour Focus: Sage Green

Colour Focus: Sage Green

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 17 May 2022
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

Green has been a colour on the rise for years in home decor. It reminds us of nature and helps style conscious decorators create spaces that capture the twin objectives of energy and stylishness. Like all colours however, green is a catchall term for numerous shades and tones in different levels of colour saturation. Today, we’ll be looking at a rising star of the interior design world, and how to use sage green in your home! 

What type of colour is sage green?

As the name suggests, sage green is a greyish shade that resembles the soft, delicate colour of dried sage leaves. The almost silver nature of this colour partnered with the green creates a shade that’s earthy without being dull, and subtle without being missable. 

Frequently associated with the Georgian period, sage green is a classic colour choice that remains a staple in traditionally decorated homes both at home, and abroad. It is a typical heritage shade that works beautifully in period properties, however, despite its ties to the distant past, sage also complements a range of modern styles. Sage helps to create a sense of depth in a space, along with a freshness that other neutral shades can’t offer – this is what makes it timeless. Perhaps it’s time to replace the cream in your home with sage?

These qualities make sage green a remarkably flexible colour which is certain to elevate almost any home. For example, sage green can work within a space dominated by rich, jewel tones with an explosion of pattern, or an interior that’s calm and captures the Nordic beauty of scandi interior design.

image of bedroom using sage green colour scheme

Matching sage green with other colours

Sage green and dusky pink

Sage green and dusky pink is a match made in heaven. Since both colours have similar saturation levels, they match nicely, working hard to bring the best out of one another. The greyish nature found in both colours prevents these colours from clashing, instead providing an exciting yet subtle canvas from which to expand your decor.

Sage green and mineral blue

Similarly to dusty pink, mineral blue is also on the grey side of the colour spectrum making it a great partner for sage green. As green and blue are quite closely related, mixing sage and mineral blue as part of a pattern may cause each to lose some vibrancy; however, having larger items in a block colour sat next to each other will make a space feel very comfortable and chic. 

Sage green and earthy tones

In many ways, contrast is key for multiple interior design trends to really excel. That said, colours can sometimes contrast in a way that’s not very graceful and potentially clash.

Sage and earthy tones however will not clash, they contrast against each other beautifully retaining a sense of nature and the wider outside world which helps us to relax and unwind. Consider brown and terracotta shades as counters to the sage green in your home. 

Sage green and emerald green

This partnership offers an often underappreciated treasure. It’s striking, energising and while eye-catching, it’s not gaudy or overbearing.

Unlike warmer tones, different shades of green easily complement one another, helping to add a dignified feeling of depth to the decor. Contemplate adding an emerald green curtain or green roman blind to your sage green walls for a truly stylish space. 

image of living to show a sage green aesthetic interior

Where can you enjoy sage green at home?

The inherent calming nature of sage green makes it a strong contender for many spaces within the home. In most rooms, we like to unwind – or focus – and fortunately, sage green can help us to achieve both. 

Sage green kitchens

Sage green kitchens are a very popular and exciting choice in many style-conscious homes. Reflecting many of the herbs and spices that enrich our lives every day, sage green in the kitchen will help you to relax and focus your mind onto the task of making lovely meals and enjoying the company of family and friends!

Consider sage green roller blinds – in a stylish and functional moisture proof fabric – alongside matching quality green lamp shades to enrich the decor. 

Sage green bedrooms

Similarly, sage green can make a subtle style statement in a living room. As places where we relax and unwind, living rooms benefit greatly from colours that encourage that relaxation. Moreover, living rooms often feature some of the larger windows in the home making them excellent places for curtains! 

Sage green curtains will add depth and movement to your decor and when partnered with a blind in the recess, you can help to create a truly fashionable three-dimensional sage green space

Sage green living rooms

Finally, consider using sage green as an exciting, leading colour in a bedroom! Creating a comfortable environment is very important for enjoying a perfect night’s sleep and green is an excellent colour for such a purpose. While green has a magical quality to it, you can further improve your space’s functionality with blackout fabrics or linings.

Our range of handmade curtains and Roman blinds can all be made with a quality blackout lining while our roller and vertical blinds can be crafted from equally practical blackout materials! Learn more in our What Are Blackout Blinds? blog.

To help you in your quest to find the perfect sage green furnishing for your home we’ve curated a special sage collection. Don’t forget, to help you make your final decision, you can order up to eight free samples from the website! 

Shop some of our products inspired by the sage green colour

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