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Colour Focus: A Soft Summer Colour Palette

Colour Focus: A Soft Summer Colour Palette

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 14 Jun 2022

We were thinking about what a fresh soft colour palette might look like, then inspiration struck so today we’re going to be providing you with our very own special soft colour palette for summer 2022. Perfectly combining the colours of the British countryside and the coast, there will be something in this palette for everyone. Read on to find out the shades used in our summer colour palette; and how you can incorporate them into your décor!

Blinds Direct’s soft summer colour palette

In today’s blog, we have something very special. In anticipation of the summer, we have curated a soft colour palette that combines some of the finest shades synonymous with the British countryside and the coast. Ranging from warming neutrals, to enriching terracotta, pale blues, and soft shades of green, this is a very powerful collection of colours!

1. Warming neutrals

Starting with a strong base is a good idea, and a neutral colour foundation is always a safe bet. It is easy to live with and can be restyled again and again as the uncomplicated tones go with a wide range of more regularly evolving trends – including the other colours in the soft summer colour palette. Using warm shades during the summer will help capture the sun’s rays, making the space more inviting to relax in. Moreover, in the cooler months, they will help you feel cosy and comfortable. Some may think the use of simple shades can run the risk of looking drab and boring, but this isn’t the case and to prove it, we have a key tip on how to create depth and style in a neutral summer space.

image to show how to use warming tones in a soft summer colour palette

Exploring coarse and sleek textures

Texture and finish are easy ways to bring 3-dimensionality to a neutral decor. The use of texture will help the natural light reflect and bounce off the varying surfaces creating delicate light and dark spots within the space.

When we think of texture, the first thing that springs to mind is chunky weaves and rough surfaces. Nonetheless texture can also relate to smoother, polished surfaces. A sleek surface will refract light back into the space, creating highlights and lifted points of interest. The shimmering metal of quality aluminium venetian blinds will allow light to dance around the space with ease. The sleek slats will not only bring in a form of texture to your space, but the horizontal lines will create a modern aesthetic within the space, working on the minimalistic approach.

Another way to bring texture into the space is through the use of natural elements such as wood. Having the opposite effect to aluminium blinds, wooden blinds and shutters will bring in a rugged  look to the space, creating the depth mentioned above.

2. Pale blues

Pale blues instantly transport us emotionally to the seaside, and where else makes us feel simultaneously calm and energised? Incorporating shades of blue into a décor will have the same impact, creating the perfect environment for hosting and relaxing in this summer.

Blue voiles are a wonderful addition to the space when creating a calming sensation, as the lightweight sheer fabric will flutter in the summer breeze creating that sensation of being by the sea. 

Alternatively, blue vertical blinds will have the same effect of flowing in the summer wind, yet they also provide a range of practical elements. Since they offer full control over lighting and privacy, snuggling in for a movie night has been made simple with blackout vertical blinds. Simply rotate the slats until the blind is closed and you will be transported into a dark, relaxing space – perfect for movie night!

image of room set using pale blue in a summer colour palette
image to show example of a living room using soft green for a summer colour palette

3. Soft tone greens

With its strong connections to nature and calming sensations, green is a colour that remains timeless. As the dominant colour seen across this green and pleasant land, we just had to incorporate this colour into our soft summer colour palette.

Soft shades of green are becoming increasingly popular, and in some quarters, it’s even becoming known as the new neutral. We are seeing more homes inject this colour through accessories such as green cushions, especially since they allow us to create or re-style our décor without hassle or large expense. Match your cushions with lampshades to pack more punch into your interior scheme.

Sage green is our current favourite soft green shade, and it can be effortlessly incorporated into almost any colour palette. Read more on sage green, what colours it works with, and how you can incorporate it into your home in our ‘Colour Focus: Sage Green’ blog.

4. Enriching terracotta’s

Terracotta isn’t a colour we tend to think about when we think of the British landscape, yet there is plenty of it seen throughout the midlands and south of the country. Terracotta pulls together the Blinds Direct soft summer colour palette, transforming from a cool feeling décor into an enriching, warm space.

We find terracotta can be as dominant within your décor as you choose, from the lighter shades to the dark, almost burnt orange tones, it recreates the heat of a tropical island in your home.

Often injected into the home through the use of pots and artworks, bringing this tone into your space through soft furnishings will create a comforting feel, suitable for the UK climate. Roman blinds are the ideal starting point for introducing terracotta into the home, as the soft folds of fabric will keep the space feeling cosy while the pop of colour or pattern will add depth, instantly transforming the atmosphere. 

image to show how best to use terracotta in a soft summer colour palette

Living in the UK, we experience warm summers and cold dark winters so ensuring our homes are decorated and styled to accommodate the change of the seasons is important. Combining the use of warm shades with cool tones allows our homes to feel light and bright in the warmer months, yet welcoming and cosy in the winter months. Our soft summer colour palette has been designed to work as a whole. Nonetheless, it can be interpreted and adapted to fit your unique taste!

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