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How To Style Your Sofa Like An Interior Designer

How To Style Your Sofa Like An Interior Designer

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Wed 3 Jan 2018
Last updated Fri 10 Sep 2021

The next in our series of pro interior design tips focuses on the epicentre of your living room – the sofa.

A sofa with too few cushions looks lonely, but one that’s cluttered up will be less functional. Too many patterns becomes busy, while sticking to one single colour might be a little boring. So how can you style your sofa for maximum impact and comfort, just as an interior designer would?

Simple sofa, different details

As with all the investment pieces in your home, it’s sensible to select a sofa that is neutral and classic. It should stand the test of time and appease ever-changing trends well into the future. By choosing a simple and timeless sofa, you allow yourself the opportunity to update with different accessories as the mood takes you, introducing different colours, patterns and textures into the mix whilst retaining the beauty and quality of your key anchor piece.

Layer up colours and textures

Consider different colours and textures when styling your sofa. New cushions will add an instant update, making the seating area more comfortable as well as bringing a trendy focal point to the space. Layer soft-touch fabrics with eye-catching prints for a luxurious yet fun feel. Add more layers with a blanket, cable knit or faux fur throw. In terms of colours and prints, don’t be shy about going off piste and introducing something a little different.

Ignore the pressure to pair

Many of us assume that our sofa cushions should be matching, but this is a rule that needs to be ignored. A single pair of matching cushions will make your sofa look stiff and uninviting, so try mixing things up instead. Four, five or six cushions in various shapes and sizes can look very effective. If you’re nervous about clashes, try picking colours and prints from similar themes and families. This will ensure coordination without compromising on style.

Aim for cool and casual

Your cushions and throws should never look too placed. Instead, try to create a set-up that’s informal and casual, urging people to sink down and relax. Amp up the casual vibes by laying a throw over the back of the sofa, or across the arm. When you’re not sitting on the sofa, this will still look tidy without being overly neat. Alternatively, consider a basket that can sit at the end of your sofa. Roll up your blankets and spare cushions and place them inside, adding an additional design feature to the space which is also practical.

Inject a little glam

Your sofa is first and foremost a comfortable place to sit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer a slice of luxury. Fabrics with metallic sheens, embroidery, beading and tassels with bring glamour and interest to the area, and allow you to channel your own unique interior style. Soft velvets and satins are a sumptuous fabric choice, while textiles in rich jewel tones add a regal touch.

Update seasonally

The benefit of styling a classic sofa with trending items is that you can update easily whenever you wish. As trends emerge and your tastes change, you can simply swap cushions and throws for alternative pieces. In the colder seasons, think about heavy wools, plaids and faux furs to bring comfort and cosiness. Meanwhile, in the spring or summer you could look to linens, cottons and other natural fibres for a understated style in the warmer weather.

Will you be refreshing your sofa this season? Shop our wide selection of cushions and create a sofa situation that a professional would be proud of. Need more interior design advice? Take advantage of our FREE Interior Design Service by contacting our Interior Design Specialists directly: [email protected] or 01924 848739 (8:30-4:30 MON-FRI)


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