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Perfect Your Home With Home Decor Accessories

Perfect Your Home With Home Decor Accessories

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 28 Jun 2022
Last updated Mon 3 Oct 2022

Whether it’s in the worlds of clothing, cars or even mobile phones, accessories are a great and fun way to make something truly your own. Accessories in interior design are an equally fun – and important – way to make a space a reflection of your personality. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at two types of home decor accessories, one of which will add to the aesthetic charm of your home, the second will help you make the most of your decor. Keen to learn more? read on…

Our top home decor accessories

Roman blinds, curtains, shutters, and wooden Venetian blinds will all enrich the decor of your space but by using the right home decor accessories, you can transform your home into a picturesque paradise! 

images of stack cushions to show example of home decor accessories


The first of these stylish interior design accessories must be cushions. Cushions are a great way to add comfort to chairs, sofas, and beds but they are also fantastic vehicles for introducing colour, pattern and texture, and even sparkle to a room.

Cushions can be used to tie tones together through the depth of the space, matching with the window furnishings, or alternatively they can add pops of contrasting colours. For example, a dark blue space with warming cream cushions will make your home even more beautiful.  

Lamp shades

These same principles go for lamp shades. Like cushions, the position of lamp shades in a space away from the windows allows you to take a step away from the main theme of a space and add something a little different. The proximity of lamp shades to light also means you can think about unique factors such as inners.

At Blinds Direct, we have a great selection of inners available for all our handmade lamp shades. These include brushed silver, copper, and gold, each of which will make your space glimmer and shimmer.

image of lampshades to show example of accessories for interiors

Practical accessories for interiors

The more practical accessories for interiors which we will discuss here will not look particularly pretty in themselves. They will, however, help you maximise your window furnishings!

product photo of ostrich feather duster to show some unique accessories for home

Ostrich feather duster

Firstly, ostrich feather dusters. Ostrich feather dusters are an easy way to dust and maintain your blinds. Where the task can be fiddly and tricky, an ostrich feather duster will make the process simple and quick. This is because the duster is electrostatically charged, with a proven ability to attract and retain dust meaning they collect it and not just move it about. Ostrich feathers don’t scratch surfaces and are washable too.

image to show they type of slat cleaner accessory

Mini slat cleaner

If you enjoy a style of blinds featuring slats, you should also consider a quality Mini Slat Cleaner Accessory! Ideal for keeping wooden blinds looking clean, fresh and full of life, this handy accessory cleans both sides of the slat at the same time. Efficient, functional, and compact, this machine washable accessory is a must have.

Electric blinds

While not really an accessory per se, another excellent addition to consider for making the most of your space is motorisation. Electric blinds will help you enjoy natural light and the striking aesthetic of your blinds with minimal effort. Also – raising your blinds with the simple press of a button is pretty cool! 

Despite representing a considerable technological step forward in the world of window furnishings, motorised blinds are quick and simple to fit and set up. You can even fit them yourself without needing an electrician. Check out our electric blinds today!

Accessories are an important part of everyday life, helping us live our best lives and express ourselves. While we think closely about which watch goes with which shoes, or what gizmo might make our car comfier, with but a bit of time and consideration, we can use home décor accessories to elevate the style of our homes. Adding a touch of our own natures into a space makes us feel rooted and at peace – which accessories will you add to your home to make the most of it?  

Shop some of our favourite home accessories:

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