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The Power Of Coral In Interior Design

The Power Of Coral In Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 15 Sep 2022

Coral is an amazing creature that has fascinated us for millennia, from the intricate shapes to the vibrant colours. It is an organism that offers inspiration in a variety of ways, including within the realms of interior design. To find out how coral can be introduced into your home, through its unique shapes and eye-catching colours, read on… 

Coral shapes

Due to coral being living things there are no two that are ever the same, therefore we see an array of unique, beautiful shapes and patterns emerge from them. Many like to use real pieces of coral in their homes but this can be very expensive and more importantly, bad for an already endangered species. That said, resin replicas are available which are equally beautiful and have less of an impact on the natural world. 

With well over 6,000 species of coral in the world, it is fair to say that they offer a fan-fair of shapes and sizes. Coral shapes offer an interesting alternative to floral or plant-based designs while retaining that natural feel. The irregular lines give decorators a great alternative to the straight lines found in many patterns without having to resort to the standard choice of flowers. 

Coral as a colour

Additions of coral’s elegant shapes into the home is one way to create a spectacular display; however, the colour coral is just as effective and charming for transforming the home. Coral as a standalone colour brings an enriching touch to the space and creates a comforting warmth in the home. Sitting closely to pinks and oranges on the colour wheel, it has the same soothing yet invigorating effect that both pink and orange have on us.  There are also some fabulous colour combinations for coral which we are about to explore…

image to show how to include coral colours in your bedroom

Coral and blue

In its natural element, coral is surrounded by water. Therefore, when creating a colour palette for coral, blue hues are a great place to start. Matching more saturated shades of coral with lighter blues will create a warming environment for relaxing in, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. However, if you are a fan of the darker side when it comes to interior décor, aim for navy and royal blues as the primary colour with accents of softer shades of coral to keep the space feeling alive. Pockets of coral can be brought into the home via the use of lampshades and cushions and for maximum effect, why not colour match them to create a cohesive sense within the space? 

Coral and green

Like blue, green is another popular colour found within nature and ultimately results in a beautiful colour palette when placed with coral. Soft shades of green, such as mint, sage, and eucalyptus work wonderfully with the softer shades of coral, creating a delicate, refreshing interior. A colour palette perfect for minimalist décor.  Combining coral with deeper shades of green such as emeralds, will bring in a mid-century modern feel. Keeping the softer shades of coral as the primary colours, pockets of emerald green will help to add depth and dimension to the room. Whether you go for an emerald green sofa or curtains, having a large area within the room in an emerald green colour will achieve a more maximalist effect.

photo of a pink and coral living room

Coral and orange

Tone-on-tone décor is very on trend when it comes to modern interior design, and with coral and orange sitting next to each other on the colour wheel, they are the perfect shades to use for a same tone look. Add these colours into the home through the use of colour blocking, curtains and roller blinds to create a soothing colour blocking effect. Cling on to the look and warmth of the summer sunset with a coral and orange colour palette. 

Coral and pink

This colour palette is for the Bohemian lovers out there. Nothing screams modern boho more than a coral, pink and white colourway. Keeping the room bright and airy, this colour combination works best with a white backdrop featuring accents of corals and shades of pinks. Lamp shades and cushions are a great way for adding in examples of these colours to the home, allowing room for the design to evolve and grow.  

Corals are a great source of inspiration for any home, be it their motifs or colour. With a range of coral shades and coral print fabrics to select from at Blinds Direct, find the perfect one by ordering up to 8 free samples.  

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