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Top Tips: How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer

Top Tips: How To Keep Your House Cool In Summer

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 15 Jul 2022

Summer is here, and what a scorcher it’s shaping up to be! As of writing (15.07.2022), the UK is on track to enjoy a heat wave with temperatures expected to exceed 32°, and while the warmer days are more attractive than the usual grey miserable months, it’s important to make sure cool spaces are available for when it gets a little too warm. These are our top five tips for how to keep your house cool in summer.

Why keeping cool is important

Keeping cool in the summer isn’t only important with regards to comfort, but for health and safety also. Where air conditioning can be expensive, environmentally unkind and take time to install, and where simply keeping the windows open may not quite be enough, what can be done to save your home from turning into an oven? It turns out there are a few excellent ways to prep your home for summer!

image to show how closing blinds can keep your house cool in hot weather

1. Close your blinds

Blinds are a great way to create a barrier between where you relax and the sun’s heat without having to keep your windows closed. By blocking the sun’s light from your space, you won’t only keep cool during the heatwave, you’ll also be able to enjoy the style of your space to its greatest extent!

Whether you select a Roman blind or a roller blind, a well-made window covering will help block out the heat this summer. 

photo to show how voile curtains can cool your house down in the summer

2. The value of voiles

Voiles are an amazing addition to any space for the summer. The soft, airy nature of voiles helps you maintain your privacy while still letting that soft summer breeze cool your home.

What’s more, voiles often look their best when part of a layered window or patio door. For example, you could fit stylish perfect fit roller blinds directly to your window or door, and then have voiles set outside of the recess to enjoy the best of both worlds throughout the year.Learn more about voiles in our Know The Difference: Voile Or Net Curtains? Blog.

photo showing how blackout and thermal linings can keep the heat out in a heatwave

3. Find the right lining

Linings for curtains and Roman blinds include blackout and thermal options, but many think thermal linings are only for keeping you warm in the winter – they do even more than that!

In the same way they stop hot air escaping during the colder months, thermal linings block the hot air from the outside keeping you cooler during warmer days. Moreover, few window furnishings are as stylish as curtains or Roman blinds so why not feel cool in a cool looking space this summer? 

image to give example of how to cool your house down in a hot summer

4. Consider honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are named after their cells which are instrumental to their look and function. These cells trap air which in turn stops heat escaping in the winter and entering in the summer.

As a result, any air-cooling systems can be on for less time, which not only saves money, but helps better protect the environment too. While functional, honeycomb blinds are also available in an exciting range of colours, so you don’t have to compromise on style. 

5. Hydration is key

There is of course a limit to what you can do with your windows to combat the heat this summer however to keep healthy and safe, not to mention comfy and happy, kick back and relax with a nice cold drink.

After putting so much time and consideration into your home’s decor, take the time to enjoy managed heat at home with something icy and find peace. To learn more about the importance of finding zen at home, read our Looking To The Future: Zen Inspired Interior Design blog!

Enjoy the sun this summer on your own terms with a quality new blind from Blinds Direct. Combat the heat and light to find the ideal balance for your taste while enriching the style of your home! To find the perfect shade and fabric, order up to eight free samples today.

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