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Trend Focus: Barbiecore – In The Pink

Trend Focus: Barbiecore – In The Pink

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 11 Jul 2022

With a year to go before the live-action Barbie film is released, we are seeing a growing, very pink trend. ‘Barbiecore’ is becoming a hit from  Hollywood to Huddersfield and its clear to see why! Spanning the red carpets and A-list celebrities’ social media platforms, Barbiecore is a trend that is coming in hot this summer!

Let’s go Barbie

Barbie – the Mattel doll that took the world by storm in 1959, is known for her signature smile and hot pink accessories. She has been a multifaceted character over the years, with a diverse range of professions, expansive wardrobe, and family lifestyles. Barbie and her boyfriend Ken have been described as two of the most popular dolls in the world, influencing the fashion industry, expanding into a media franchise and much more. With only one year to wait for the long awaited live-action film, featuring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as boyfriend Ken – we can’t wait, and judging by the explosion of pink interiors, neither can many decorators!

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is a bright, vibrant trend that is defined by a very particular hot pink tone. This hue of pink is a creation between Pierpaolo Piccioli, from the fashion industry, and Pantone, therefore we owe thanks to them for this incredibly striking and eye-catching shade of hot pink! We have seen this fabulous colour span across the red carpet, from the Met Gala to film premieres. It is a trend that has already made a lasting impression within the fashion industry, and we are now starting to see it filter into interior design!

Colour combinations for a Barbiecore décor

The main colour used within a Barbiecore scheme is hot pink. It is youthful, fun, and energetic, and on trend with this year’s summer colours! That said, hot pink is a very saturated, intense form of pink, so to prevent your space from being overcome by this daring tone, we have put together some colour combinations to help soften the space, yet still in keeping with the style and theme of Barbiecore.

a photo of a barbiecore interior to show the types of colours to use

Pink on white

The two main colours we associate with Barbie are white and pink. They make up the brand logo and her iconic convertible car was also a combination of these colours. White is a classic colour to use when looking to break up a space as the purity of it will brighten the room and reduce the intensity of the domineering colour, in the instance hot pink.

Combining hot pink with white will not only help soften the space, but it will also aid in making the room appear more mature. Subtle injections of pink and white can be done using wallpaper, paint and soft furnishings such as cushions. You can also use window dressings, such as our statement true white with pink tapes faux wood venetian blind. The injection of white and hot pink will re-create the fresh, charming feel of the Barbie brand logo, without being too overbearing.

Pink on purple

Hot pink and purple is another colour combination in keeping with the theme of Barbie and her lifestyle. We tend to see a larger use of lilacs and pastel tones of purple throughout her Dreamhouse, as well as soft shades incorporated in her clothing. These colours together are a charming combination, keeping the youthful feel of the scheme alive.

A fun way to inject this colour combination into the home is by layering window dressings. Combine a soft shade of purple curtain, such as our Milan Mauve Curtain with a hot pink roller blind to recreate the essence of the Barbie Dreamhouse.

Pink on pink

To achieve full Barbiecore maximalism, the combination of varying shades of pink will transform the home into a Malibu paradise. Pink is a great colour for adding charm and warmth into the room while maintaining a young aspect. Combining varying shades of pink will add depth to the room without veering from the palette.

Scatter varying shades of pink around the room through the use of pink lamp shades and cushions to add pockets of interest in an already pink space. The use of pattern will also add depth and character to the room, allowing you to add a personal twist into the décor.

Glamorous accessories

Barbie is a character who has an elegant aura to her. Her outfits are always pristine, and her accessories are carefully curated. With that in mind, why should our Barbiecore homes be any different? Accessorise your home accordingly to achieve the Barbiecore scheme and bring in an elegant twist to this daring décor. Finials are a part of a décor that can often be neglected or left to the last thought. However, in order to achieve the perfect Barbiecore look, using the right finial can have a lasting impact that will add that elegant aspect to the space.

To reimagine the elegance of Barbies accessories in the home, the use of glass finials will be perfect. Not only will they help light sparkle around the space, adding to that playful charm of Barbiecore, but they bring in the elegant aspect and double up as the diamond earrings of the room.

Decorating with pink is a fun and energetic way to express warmth and charm. With a large spectrum of shades and hues available, pink allows us to go as soft and subtle as we like, or as eclectic and bold as we dare. Barbiecore is a trend that has taken the world by storm and will continue to populate the scene on the lead up to the film release. We hope you enjoy transforming your home into a Barbiecore palace!

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