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Trend Focus: Style Anglais

Trend Focus: Style Anglais

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 31 Mar 2022

Across the UK, there is a clear yet peculiar power that nurtures creativity and flare. This is self-evident in the 90s with Cool Britannia, the 60s – centred on Carnaby Street – but even earlier through the earlier years of the 20th century, which were made popular throughout Europe and beyond. In today’s blog however, we’ll be exploring Style Anglais and how you can enjoy it in your home.

What is Style Anglais?

Style Anglais, which is a French phrase, is essentially an external take on what English style is. As a result, it is somewhat romanticised and has some elements of French decor projected onto it. In clothing, Style Anglais would invariably incorporate Barbour waxed jackets, polished brown brogues, grey flannel suits and black labs.

The term Style Anglais comes from Francis Spar’s book, “Le Style Anglais: 1750-1850”, which was written in 1959. Via this influential book, many ambitious designers have found great inspiration which captures the style and drama of English design filtered through the elegance of a French lens.  We are seeing a re-emergence, or even mutation of the style in English homes as lovers of maximillism adopt a particularly English interpretation of the maximillist trend!

room set image to show example of style anglais interior design

What does Style Anglais mean for home decorators?

In practical terms, Style Anglais includes many colours, materials, and patterns, many of which are inspired by Commonwealth countries and the fabrics which ladies and gentlemen picked up during the Grand Tour of old. It’s a celebration of maximalist attitudes to interior design with a particularly British twist.

This adds a truly international element to Style Anglais, where you can easily introduce patterns from India, fabrics from North Africa and colours from the far east. What then helps you to make them fit the English style is to stick to traditional tones and shapes, with a particular emphasis on the 18th and 19th centuries – the years of exploration and a connected world.

For historical inspiration, few places are greater treasure troves of English style than the stately homes of the ancient aristocracy. From Chatsworth to Blenheim, you can find a lot of inspiration around the UK. That said, remember that this style is mostly bold and expressive, it’s more about grand homes than quaint cottages.

To find something at the extreme end of Style Anglais in its modern form is The Flower Room at Annabel’s which presents Venetian, Asian and French styles in a delightfully English way. 

Colours for Style Anglais

Style Anglais makes amazing use of colour however this is not without restriction. While any colour will work, the intensity of each must be reserved. Vibrant lime greens and lemon yellow may be a little much, but bottle or moss greens and mustard yellow are perfect.

So too are crimson reds, dark blues and dusky pinks – to help add pops of excitement and contrast to the space. With so many colours available to you, there are almost countless options!

How to use these colours in the home

To capture the richness of Style Anglais, look to heavy, flowing heavy curtains or equally elegant Roman blinds. Soft furnishings are where you can really let your English inspired space shine and don’t forget, the more differently-coloured and patterned cushions, the better! To make sure you find the right options for your décor, you can order up to eight free samples to see which are the perfect options for you.

an image to show what style anglais design looks like in a living room
image of blue chair with animal print next to lamp

Patterns for Style Anglais

For centuries, homes across England have been hubs for patterns and fabrics from around the world. Whether it’s the curved paisleys of India, floral patterns from China and Japan, or patterns that capture the majesty of African animals, there are a great many varieties of patterns to choose from. 

Again, try and keep the patterns for your home more traditional with the latest style epoch being Art Nouveau. This will still help you find a wide range of options but if you particularly like a punchy 1960s or 1970s pattern, don’t let anything stop you! 

As with colour, you can introduce these patterns into your home using soft furnishings. Picture a patterned roller blind set within your window’s recess, flanked by dark green velvet curtains – few scenes could be more English. 

Finally, while we’ve covered pattern and colour, one of the most important elements within Style Anglais is the juxtaposition you can create between the two. By being daring and innovative with your furnishings and the contrasts within your decor, you can make a space feel as though it’s been curated over years, even if you decorate it in one session. Be bold and make your home your castle!

Style Anglais is an amazingly liberating and joyful way of approaching interior design. Explore different styles and colours to enrich and elevate your home on the Blinds Direct website today!

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