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Which Room, Which Blind? Conservatory Blinds

Which Room, Which Blind? Conservatory Blinds

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 9 May 2017
Last updated Wed 1 Jun 2022

It’s time to take a look at the best window dressings for conservatories. The warmer seasons are upon us, and we are all keen to make the most of the sunshine as possible. But it’s also important to ensure our homes are private, comfortable and thermally efficient. 

The best blinds for a conservatory

Conservatory blinds are unique in the way that they dress a space that includes a great amount of glass. Whether yours is a traditional conservatory, an orangery, a sloped roof sun room or a glass extension; a considerable amount of the structure will be glazed. That means more sunlight and fresh air can pass through the space, making for a bright and breezy hub of the home.

Of course, great amounts of glass also mean more potential for heat loss, as well as creating problems for privacy. Here are the most suitable blinds for conservatories, combatting each of these problems and ensuring that your window dressings are both fashionable and functional…

Using Roman blinds for conservatories

Roman blinds are perhaps the most sophisticated way to dress your conservatory windows. Soft textures and neat rolls make for a window furnishing that is both smart and stylish, complementing any interior style with its high quality construction and fabric.

Your conservatory may be a place where you do a lot of entertaining, which is why its important for it to look the part. At the same time, it’s important for the sunlight to be controlled effectively, reducing glare and overheating.

Roman blinds can be effectively lowered to the right position, ensuring that you’re not disturbed. Our Romans are also available with free thermal and blackout lining upgrades, so you can further boost the functionality of your window dressing.

The made to measure Roman blinds at Blinds Direct are handmade to your exact requirements, seamlessly fitting any conservatory window, no matter its shape or size.

Venetian blinds for conservatories

Venetian blinds and wooden blinds are particularly suited to orangeries, offering optimum light control across each section of glazing. The neat slats, whether wood, faux wood or metal, will also tie in well with the rest of your conservatory decor, especially if you’ve opted for a more traditional interior scheme.

Venetian blinds offer a high level of rotation, which allows a precise level of privacy and sunlight. You are also able to maintain natural light and air flow whilst obscuring any views from outside, perfect for gardens that might be overlooked.

Our Venetian blinds, which include wooden and aluminium styles, are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing you to select the perfect blind to fit in with your interiors.

Vertical blinds for conservatories

Vertical blinds are a great solution for conservatories, especially if your space features floor to ceiling height windows or French doors. Verticals are a traditional choice for your conservatory and work well in both modern and traditional interior design schemes.

Conservatories should be light and pleasant, with plenty of fresh air circulating, which is why verticals are a particularly good choice. With a high degree of rotation and light, translucent slats, they will help to promote a bright and breezy feeling throughout the space.

Vertical blinds have the distinct ability to block views from both the left and right, allowing you even more privacy. This is ideal if you have nosy neighbours! Should your vertical blind ever become damaged, it’s also very easy to replace the individual louvres.

At Blinds Direct our vertical blinds are available in a wide choice of colours and textures, so you can select the perfect style for your conservatory.

Roller blinds for conservatories

Roller blinds are a celebrated classic that can be enjoyed throughout the home including conservatories!

Roller blinds are a practical choice for your conservatory windows. Easily roll them up or down to adjust light levels, then enjoy a shady corner or a sunny spot to relax in. Our made to measure conservatory rollers are available in a range of colours and patterns, so you can match your blinds to the space perfectly.

Similarly to classic roller blinds, you can also enjoy Day & Night blinds. These blinds are similar to rollers however they feature two complimenting strips of luxury fabric designed to slide against one another. They alternate to offer blackout coverage when set to a block colour, or gentle light filtration when set to stripy.

You can even add motorisation to your roller blinds to create a supremely comfortable space. Whether they are for the windows or roof blinds, simply add them to you order after adding the size of blind your require.

Perfect-fit blinds for conservatories

Perfect-fit blinds are the perfect choice for conservatories, but what are perfect-fit blinds?

Well, perfect-fit refers to the feature a special frame that allows these blinds to clip easily into a uPVC window frame without needing drills or screws. What’s more, by fitting into the window or door frame, they move as a part of it.

You can enjoy many of the blind styles mentioned above including perfect fit Venetian blinds and perfect fit roller blinds, but it may also be worth considering our perfect-fit pleated blinds These dynamic blinds which offer a similar look and feel to Venetians, but with a single sheet of fabric that stacks neatly upon itself, are easy to maintain and work particularly well in bright, busy areas of the home.

Here at Blinds Direct, we understand the importance of both functionality and style. We also know that one should never compromise the other. The look and feel of your window dressing is incredibly important, but this does not outweigh the importance of practicality.  That’s why we offer a wide collection of highly functional yet stylish products, handcrafted by skilled team members from the very best materials. Are you on the lookout for new blinds for your conservatory or the rest of your home? Discover our full collection of blinds and curtains here.

Shop some of our products perfect for conservatories:

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