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The Benefits Of Day & Night Blinds

The Benefits Of Day & Night Blinds

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 14 Oct 2021

Day & Night blinds, often known as ‘zebra blinds’, are an extremely practical blind enjoyed by thousands across the country. They provide myriad benefits that are both functional and aesthetic which you can use throughout the home. So where do they work best, read on to find out more!

What are Day and Night blinds

Day & Night blinds present the ideal balance between light control and privacy. These stylish blinds feature alternating strips of fabric that slide against each other, allowing buyers to change between a block colour – for full closure and privacy – and stripes that gently filter the light and views from outside.

Day & Night blinds are available in a broad selection of fashionable colour combinations so you can easily enjoy sophisticated design alongside excellent functionality. These blinds are a superb choice for most rooms you enjoy in your home…

Kitchen Day and Night blinds

Kitchens are spaces where we not only cook, but often entertain and relax. Owing to the required space for the modern kitchen, they often feature some of the largest windows in the home and as a result, let a lot of light in.

Because Day & Night blinds offer both light filtering and blackout qualities, they work very well as a part of your kitchen’s décor. When you’re cooking during the day but want to limit the light, set the blinds to stylish stripes to filter sunlight, and when it comes to relaxing with a lovely meal, the block colour will help you enjoy total privacy.

Living room Day and Night blinds

Similarly to the kitchen, living rooms are the perfect environment to kick back and relax. Here, the functional benefits of Day & Night blinds will also help you make the most of your space. Because living rooms are multi-functional spaces that can play host to kids’ fun spaces, to hosting a party, a variety of levels in light control is nothing but beneficial.

Also, living rooms are one of those spaces where we really focus on the décor. Day & Night blinds are available in a fantastic range of colours so you can enjoy stripes and block colour throughout different parts of the day keeping your interiors fresh and exciting!

Bedroom Day and Night blinds

Many of us will think that varying levels of light control aren’t particularly important for bedrooms. We sleep in the dark, or we have the windows open, right? Well not really.

A lot of bedrooms now feature home working stations and children do much of their academic work from the bedroom. Natural light is well known as an important factor in concentration but too much of it can make screens hard to focus on.

Enter Day & Night blinds. By filtering light but maintaining privacy, you and your little ones will be able to make the most of your focus time and when it comes to relax, you can again set your Day & Night blind to the block colour to really manage light. Moreover, in the bedroom, you could even benefit from some window layering!

Day and Night blinds with curtains

A Day & Night blind fitted inside of the window recess means it can be partnered with curtains. This is an outstanding combination for spaces around the home be it the living room, dining room or bedroom.

By adding a curtain to your window, you can easily find the right balance of light during the brighter hours of the day, letting light flood or filter into your room, but when it comes to relax at the end of the day and find that perfect night’s sleep, drawing the curtain will block out any last vestiges of light helping you unwind.

To find out more about using both a recess fit Day & Night blind and a curtain, check out our handy measuring guides.

a photo of day and night blinds fitted in a conservatory

Day and Night blinds for the conservatory

Like many parts of the home, conservatories are places where we both work, play and relax. Unlike other spaces, there is a lot more glass meaning even more light! This makes them an ideal space for utilising a Day & Night blind.

The inherent stripy and block colour nature of a Day & Night blind makes them both a practical and visually attractive blind solution for conservatories. With many conservatories using uPVC windows, a Perfect Fit Day & Night blind will help you enjoy the various benefits of these excellent blinds without the hassle of drills and screws.

Owing to their innovative design, Perfect Fit blinds simply clip into place directly to the window’s frame. This makes them a great choice for those unsure of their DIY skills or simply want to avoid using power tools!

Remote control Day and Night blinds

Motorised Day & Night blinds are a modern, inventive, and exciting take on these classic blinds.

With a motorised blind, you can adjust your blind without having to stand up and lean over any decorations you may have on your windowsills. Instead, you can simply watch your blind smoothly glide up or down with a touch of a button.

Despite representing a considerable technological step forward in the world of window furnishings, motorised blinds are very quick and simple to fit and setup. You can even fit them without an electrician!

All of our quality, handmade Day & Night blinds are crafted at our specialist facility here in the heart of West Yorkshire. Our talented teams work to the highest standards ensuring your new Day & Night blind leaves the factory with a five-year guarantee, ready to last for the long term.

Shop our Day and Night blinds perfect for your home:

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