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Blinds Direct’s Colour Of The Year 2023 – Hot Pink!

Blinds Direct’s Colour Of The Year 2023 – Hot Pink!

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 6 Jan 2023

After years of interiors being dominated by soft neutrals and greys, this year we’re making a big shift and naming hot pink as the Blinds Direct colour of the year 2023! A colour that’s fun, energising and at the cutting edge of modern design, hot pink is sure to make a bold statement over the coming twelve months. Today, we’ll be exploring this exciting colour and providing you with some top tips on how to best use it in your home.

What type of colour is hot pink?

Sat between light and dark pinks, hot pink is warming, inviting and a little less saturated and juicy as fuchsia. According to the psychology of colour, hot pink radiates warmth and happiness and inspires playfulness. This makes it the ideal partner for living rooms, children’s play spaces and even bedrooms. 

Because of its soft yet eye-catching appearance, hot pink can work beautifully as both a primary shade, a supporting secondary tone, or a spot colour. In any case, to make the most of your interior design you will want to find some other colours which can either provide a soft foundation for the pink, or further bright shades!

Luckily, owing to its position on the colour spectrum, hot pink works well with a fantastic array of colours allowing you to use it in almost any interior design style! Let’s take a look at some of the best colour partners for hot pink…

room set image of living room with yellow sofa and hot pink coloured roman blind

Which colours go with hot pink?

When it comes to matching colours, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, these colour combinations for hot pink are some of the best 

Green and hot pink

Green and pink have been famously well paired in countless popular interior design trends. Sitting across from one another on the colour wheel, green and pink go well together in patterns, or as separate items in close proximity in a space. For hot pink, you can go for a classically inspired forest green to curate a fun yet traditional look. For those looking for a combination that’s a bit more modern, emerald greens that have a similar vividity to hot pink can work together to create a youthful feel. 

Blue and hot pink

Blue is one of those colours that works well with a wide range of alternative shades, but particularly hot pink! For many, dark indigo blues will go with hot pink. This is because the dark blue will provide an interesting backdrop against which the pink will pop. That said, there is also a case for using lighter blue grey shades with hot pink for a more fun fuelled decor. For younger people in particular, the combination of hot pink with pops of electric light blue can be equally stylish.

Orange and hot pink

Orange and pink has been a popular colour combination since the 1960s! Sitting close together on the colour wheel, orange and hot pink can make a space feel bright, inviting and comfortable. There are different shades of orange that work with hot pink. Whether you select a bold, vibrant shade of orange, or something softer like peach, orange will help you maximise the energy of your hot pink furnishings. Moreover, hot pink and orange can be used to create an explosion of colour in your space with colourful curtains or Roman blinds, or in accessories including cushions and lamp shades to add softer pops of colour dotted around the room. 

Don’t forget about Barbie…

In July this year, fans will be treated to a new Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. This film has given birth to an exotic and vibrant decor scheme – Barbiecore!

Barbiecore is a lively and stimulating trend that is defined by hot pink. We have seen this striking colour span across the red carpet, from the Met Gala to Hollywood film premieres. It is a trend that has already made a lasting impression within the world of fashion, and we are now starting to see it filter into interior design – it’s a very exciting time. 

Perfect as the dominant colour in a daring, youthful space; or as a supporting secondary shade, hot pink easily deserves the title of colour of the year 2023. To help you introduce hot pink into your home, we’ve created our very own BD Colour of The Year 2023 – Hot Pink collection which is full of fantastic options made from high quality materials here in the UK!

Shop some of our products inspired by the hot pink colour:

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