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The Importance Of Texture And Pattern In Design

Mon 5 Jul 2021 Ana Zuravliova
Regular readers of our blog will know we dedicate a lot of time to colour and the best ways in which you can enjoy them in your home. Today however we’ll be doing something a little different. We won’t really be focusing on colours at all and instead focusing on texture and pattern in design. […]

More Is More – An Introduction To Maximalist Interior Design

Fri 30 Apr 2021 Ana Zuravliova
What is Maximalist interior design? A couple of weeks ago we explored the ins and outs of minimalistic interior design. We investigated slim silhouettes and limited use of tame colours. Today, we’re turning everything on its head and examining the exciting world of excess and colour in maximalist interior design. Where minimalism focuses on restraint […]

Trend Focus: Fruit & Vegetables In Interior Design

Fri 16 Apr 2021 Ana Zuravliova
We’ve spoken a lot recently about nature and the beauty it has to offer us. We’ve looked at responsibly sourced materials that help the environment, sustainability and the beauty of flowers, but today we’re looking at other things that grow from the ground – fruit and veggies! Vegetables in interior design As we’ve mentioned before, […]

Be Bold As Brass – A Guide To Metallic Fabrics

Thu 4 Mar 2021 Ana Zuravliova
At Blinds Direct we’re all about creating products that boost the stylishness of your home. On our blog we’ve covered trends, colours and materials but today we’re looking at something a little different. It’s a finish that can boost a huge array of colours and textures, it is of course metallic fabrics! What are metallic […]

Trend Focus: What Is Japandi?

Wed 20 Jan 2021 Ana Zuravliova
Japandi interior design In our Interior Design Trends 2021 blog we touched on Japandi style, a new design sensation that’s taking the world by storm. After we published that blog, I must admit the team here at Blinds Direct excitedly thought, ‘Japandi deserves its own blog – it’s so cool we must investigate it further!’ […]

Rome To Rio: French Inspired Interior Design

Wed 13 Jan 2021 Ana Zuravliova
French inspired interior design In December we started our Rome to Rio series, fittingly, in Italy. As we move towards our final Latin American destination, we’ll be stopping off at different countries along the way to explore local trends and how you can add a touch of international elegance to your piece of planet earth. Next […]

Interior Design Trends 2021

Fri 18 Dec 2020 Ana Zuravliova
2020 is almost over (hurrah!) and with the transition to a hopefully brighter new year we’ll be seeing different themes and colours in the top 2021 interior design trends. In this blog we’ve compiled a top five of the most exciting design trends expected to appear or grow in the next 12 months. Cottagecore While […]

Rome To Rio: Italian-Inspired Interior Design

Wed 16 Dec 2020 Ana Zuravliova
Welcome to a new blog series titled Rome to Rio. Each month we’ll be looking at different design trends from around the world and where better to start than in Italy! Rome to Rio I put it to you that no country on earth is as closely associated with style and design as Italy. The […]

Looking To The Future: Zen Inspired Interior Design

Wed 9 Dec 2020 Ana Zuravliova
What is zen for interior design? Our homes matter and for millennia – ever since we first painted rudimentary beasts on cave walls – we have relaxed and recuperated in them. From that point, cultures around the world have tried to enhance that feeling of relaxation and oneness with the universe. Whether it’s the spirituality […]

Looking To The Future (kind of): 20s Glam

Tue 24 Nov 2020 Ana Zuravliova
20s glam Contrasting wildly with the same year this century, the twentieth year of the 1900s gave birth to a decade of glitz, glamour, colour and cloche hats. Shaking off the legacy of Victorian dourness and the darkness of the First World War, the 1920s created a trend that’s survived for 100 years. This was […]

Looking To The Future: Traditional Style

Fri 20 Nov 2020 Ana Zuravliova
Traditional style is a benchmark for charm, elegance, and sophistication. With heavy, dark, carved wooden fixtures, sturdy furniture made to stand the test of time and textured fabrics that are pleasant to both the eye and touch, you don’t have to own a castle to make the most of this sophisticated style. Traditional style in […]
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