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For The Fashionistas! How To Add The Best Of Fashion Week To Your Home

For The Fashionistas! How To Add The Best Of Fashion Week To Your Home

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 6 Oct 2022

For the past three weeks, the world’s best dressed have travelled around the globe for this season’s fashion week. Showcasing the hottest trends for spring/summer 2023, designers, models and fashion aficionados have been to New York, London and last week Paris to see the latest collections. As we know from Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, the colours and designs of fashion week filter down to all walks of life, but what about interior design? Well, it certainly does, and today we’ll be exploring some of the chicest and most stylish components of this years’ shows, and how you can add them to your home to make fabulously fashionable statements!

Best colours from fashion week

The way we play with colour is pivotal not only to our clothes, but our hair, cars and especially homes. Colour in interior design offers stylish decorators the opportunity to express their personalities and create a space that’s relaxing, energising or a mixture of the two.

The colours from this year’s SS23 fashion week are diverse and equally stylish. With colours found at opposite ends of the spectrum, and in varying levels of richness, these shades will transform your home into a pageant of style and colour.

Let’s start with the neutrals.

image to show how neutral tones from fashion week can be used in homes

Neutrals, reimagined

Neutrals have been gathering momentum for the past few years in both the worlds of fashion and interior design. Calming and sophisticated, they are a warmer and more approachable alternative to pure white. We’ve seen pale neutrals used in everything from Scandi to boho, but there has been a bit of a shift in recent weeks.

During this season’s shows, collections from fashion houses renowned for their chic and sophisticated approach to apparel have really invested into neutral tones. Saint Laurent, Dior and Issey Miyake have embraced warmer neutral shades, while Akris has added a hint of pink to the mix.

In terms of applying this thinking to your interior design, look to spaces which you want to feel cosy, yet appealing to others. Living rooms are a prime example where you can add warming neutral shades across the windows, especially with curtains and Roman blinds. You can then add neutral accessories which may have a delicate hint of pink or yellow. Ideal vehicles for this are cushions and lamp shades.

Majestic metallics

Metallic fabrics have been popular historically, but it’s only recently that they’re truly enjoying the renaissance they deserve.

During the recent fashion week shows, we’ve seen particularly striking use of bright metallic materials. Whether it’s the shimmering bright grey of legendary Giorgio Armani or the supremely elegant combination of platinum and purple sent down the runway by the impossibly charming Valentino, adding sparkle to your outfit is back on the agenda.  

Metallics are all about statements and sophistication making them perfect for the living room, bedroom or dining room. To ensure the light dances with the metallic qualities, having window furnishings with movement and folds is the best way to enjoy them at home. Nothing, therefore, can beat a metallic curtain!

Earlier this year, some designers, such as Balmain used metallics in a more direct way, introducing pieces of sculpted metal into their designs. Think you can’t use these for inspiration in your home? Think again. There are many ways in which you can use real metals to enrich the style of your home. From the handles to your doors, to the curtain pole by the window, they will help you make a style statement. You can even add metal inners to your lamp shades for a chicer edge!

image to show how metallic colours from fashion week can be used interior design

photo to show example of how to use floral prints from fashion week in interior decor

Florals? For spring?

…Ground-breaking. This may be the famous quote from Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada, but florals are back and bolder than ever!

Thom Browne, Dior and Sacai have all showcased floral prints this year but with a difference. To make the bright, vibrant colours pop, Dior has used dark backgrounds. This use of black adds a chic touch to the overall effect while also allowing the bolder shades to pop! In many cases, contrast is king and by mixing exuberant floral shapes with a deep black background you can look impeccably stylish.

The same goes for interior design. Florals will always be fashionable but by embracing today’s contrast with black, you can make your space a contemporarily chic masterclass. Finding a floral fabric with a black background is the easiest way to capture this trend at home, but otherwise you can also break up a space with floral roller blinds and scattered dark cushions and lamp shades. If black is a little too daring for you, inky dark blue and anthracite are just as stylish.


Texture has always been important for clothing and home furnishings, and many of the SS23 outfits made excellent use of this characteristic. 

Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Valentino demonstrated beautiful fabrics which have a luxurious soft texture that add interesting details to rather muted colours. While some of these details are on the longer side, you can take inspiration from them for your home decor.

Mastering texture in a space takes time and requires some thought. You can consider soft, comfy fabrics including velvets or, while the antithesis of soft floating fabrics, wood is also a great texture to enjoy. To find out more about using texture at home, read our Textures In Interior Design blog

close up image to show how curtains can use texture

room set image of kitchen using a bright colour scheme

The top trends

While colour has been at the heart of fashion in the past six months, you can also find inspiration on the runways for some of the most elegant interior design trends.

We recently looked at blurred landscapes and the relationship between colours and their barriers. This was effortlessly captured by Alexander McQueen in a design reminiscent of his Plato’s Atlantis masterpiece in October 2009.

For lovers of Cottagecore, Giambattista Valli and Dior made exceptional use of soft florals with trims that capture the chic side of chintzy, and in true Moschino style, maximalism was once again turning heads!

Additionally, with so many statement suits in vibrant colours – which can be mirrored in statement blinds – usings bold colours has never been quite so fashionable! 

Finally, one of the most surprising elements of SS23 was whimsy. Clothes and homes should be fun and too often we fall into the trap of taking everything a little too seriously. Using extreme bright tones, fun patterns and daring combinations will help you put your personality on your back, or your walls. Be daring and who knows, you may create an outfit or home that’s the envy of friends and family alike. 

Brilliant bright colours

Perfect for celebrating spring, and capturing its magic the year round, bright colours were a fashionable favourite during this year’s shows.

From Undercover’s striking yellow suit, and Bottega Veneta’s electric blue masterpiece, to punchy orange by Andreadamo, bright colours really stood out in the shows. These colours thrive because they radiate positivity and excitement which is how many of us want to live our lives.

Using similar bright colours in your interior design will add flare and excitement to any space whether it’s the kitchen, the living room or even the bedroom. By adding touches of bold colour, you can excite and delight your guests and if you feel really bold, you can decorate your whole room using only bright shades!

close up image of bright blue coloured chair inspired by fashion week

How will the SS23 collections inspire you and your interior design? Be sure to show us your most fashionable rooms via our social media channels and let us know the inspiration that underpins it! Not sure which fabrics will embellish your home best? Don’t forget you can order up to eight free samples via the website.

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