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Top Tips for Using Anthracite Colour In Interior Design

Top Tips for Using Anthracite Colour In Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 2 Sep 2021
Last updated Mon 25 Jul 2022

For decades, if not centuries, monochrome interiors have been exceptionally fashionable. Today, use of black and white is still popular however there is a new colour on the rise that presents a challenge to using traditional black tones, that colour is anthracite. In today’s blog we’ll be exploring anthracite grey and how you can use it to effortlessly accessories your home.

photo of an anthracite colour painted wall in living room with chair in front of it to show the type of colour anthracite is

What type of colour is anthracite grey?

Anthracite is a chalky, very dark tone of grey – almost black. In the real world, anthracite is a compact form of coal that has the highest energy density of all types of coal.

This high energy density is reflected in the energising feeling that this colour brings to interior design. It can be charming and hospitable, and creates an environment that is easy to relax in. 

How to use the anthracite colour in interior design

The meaning of the anthracite colour

While very dark in appearance, anthracite isn’t a demoralising colour, to the contrary, anthracite grey can help us feel calm and collected and to unwind at the end of the day. Moreover, use of dark grey can improve concentration making it as beneficial in home working spaces, as it is in living rooms and bathrooms.  

Using anthracite with pale colours

Owing to its dark nature, anthracite works particularly well as a supporting spot colour in predominantly light spaces. While black worked best with pristine white, the greyer nature of anthracite allows it to harmonise with other pale colours from pure white to off whites and creamier natural tones. To make the most of your space, look at home decor accessories in this striking grey tone. 

Some excellent examples for you to think about include anthracite chests of drawers, chairs and even cabinets. One of the easiest places to use this colour however is around the windows.

an image of anthracite grey and cream coloured cushions next to wall

Using anthracite around your windows

Windows are an important part of any room. They let light into a space while providing views to the great outdoors and what’s even better, they are a great place for using anthracite colours. Let’s start with curtains. 

Anthracite coloured curtain poles

Anthracite curtains may be a little too much however, don’t forget about the curtain pole. Anthracite curtain poles are an excellent addition to many contemporary spaces. Curtain poles are very important items as they provide a great vehicle for adding delicate touches of colour and style to a space. When supporting a beautiful off-white linen or woollen curtain, an anthracite pole will create an elegant contrast between the white fabric and the natural light entering from the window. 

Anthracite wooden blinds

Moreover, anthracite wooden blinds are an equally effective solution for your windows. The rigid nature of wooden blinds is enriched by anthracite, and the effect it creates when the dark slats are open to let the light in makes a space feel chic and civilised. Moreover, you can introduce additional colour with contrasting – or complementary – tapes which hide the strings used to operate the blind.

Anthracite coloured accessories throughout the home

As mentioned earlier, anthracite is an excellent spot colour to use around the home.

If your space is mostly white (or a slightly different neutral tone), anthracite can be used to add delicate yet noteworthy statements. Beyond curtain poles and wooden blinds, consider how dark grey cushions can contrast with a pale sofa or chair. Because the grey isn’t quite black, it can look cosier and more welcoming than other dark tones, which is what most of us want from our decor. 

Furthermore, if you have minimalist lamps and light fittings around the home, an anthracite lamp shade will offer a delightful distinction to the light. You may be surprised at how nice the partnership looks.

Other colours and tones that go with anthracite grey

As we mentioned at the beginning, anthracite works best with shades of white however it’s not limited to such hues.  When kept as a supporting secondary colour, anthracite can work with a wide range of alternatives, the trick is to keep the primary tone pale, light and fresh. 

For example, soft, powdery blues, dusky pinks, and even pale shades of yellow can be used well alongside anthracite. Mint, teal, and cream are three of our favourites for you to contemplate! 

There are also great combinations available when considering metallic tones. From bronze to silver, gold to metallic reds, you can add a bit of sparkle into your home to contrast with the studious dark greys. 

How to use the anthracite colour in bedrooms

Using dark tones in bedrooms is always desired as it helps us settle down for the night. However, for many, the use of black can be too daunting. This is where the use of Anthracite is perfect. A dark toned grey that isn’t as overpowering as black, can be the ideal addition to our bedrooms. We can start small with implementations of Anthracite through the use of lampshades such as; Camengo Maui Reflect Anthracite Lamp Shade and cushions such as; Camengo Oasis Anthracite Cushion.

For a more dramatic impact, window dressing are a great way to inject the colour in through a larger area. Venetian blinds are a great way to bring the Anthracite colour into our bedrooms as we can be in control of our privacy while still getting natural light. Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds and curtains are alternative ways to inject the colour in, in a bountiful way. The use of fabrics not only brings a stylish element into to the space, but also thermal properties – helping keep our bedrooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Anthracite in living rooms

Anthracite is a great colour to add into living rooms as not only will it add a depth to the space but it will introduce a feeling of expanse. Dark colours tend to be interpreted for making a room feel smaller, however, they do exactly the opposite. Adding a dark colourway creates a depth perception – making the wall or item appear further away.

Anthracite is an ideal colour to introduce when starting out with dark tones, with it being a warm toned grey it is complementary to a range of colour palettes. The use of cushions and lampshades area great way for starting small as they can dotted around the space. However, for going larger, the use of vertical blinds and Honeycomb Cellular Blinds are a great choice, as they will allow sunlight to still stream through the windows keeping the space light and airy, while protecting our privacy.

For more information about which colours we think work together best, check out our recent Colour Combinations For Interior Design Blog!

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