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Colour Focus: Youthful Eucalyptus

Colour Focus: Youthful Eucalyptus

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 7 Apr 2021
Last updated Mon 22 Jan 2024

We’ve said it for a very long time but green is a cool colour that’s really on the rise. Green is refreshing, energising and enriches the chicness of your space. Today, we’ll be looking at a popular, green tone that’s new to fashionable interior design, the eucalyptus colour!

What is eucalyptus?

In nature, eucalyptus oils are used to great effect in aromatherapy. This amazing plant helps alleviate mental exhaustion, boosts circulation to the brain and can relieve cold symptoms. An additional benefit is its subtle, rejuvenating colour and the good news is it’s a fantastic addition to modern, stylish interiors.

photo of white curtains with eucalyptus colour print in living room next to grey sofa with cushions

What type of colour is eucalyptus green?

Eucalyptus green encompasses blue, grey and even silvery undertones. Retaining the natural feel of the plant’s colour, eucalyptus is slightly deeper than sage without moving into the realm of vibrant greens like lime or emerald.

Because of the neutral, natural hue of eucalyptus, it becomes an extremely versatile colour but it’s not the first green to revolutionise our interior designs.

In the 70s, avocado was an incredibly popular colour. During that decade, this celebrated green tone was everywhere, it was painted on doors, it was put on the walls and even found in baths and sinks – even loos!

Today, it is unlikely that eucalyptus will reach such levels of saturation, but it offers a fun twist on a great retro colour. Therefore, it is likely that in the near future, we’ll start to see this striking grey-green in many more stylish homes.

Where to use eucalyptus colour in interior design

As we mentioned earlier, the delicate mixture of green, grey and blue that makes eucalyptus so attractive and gives designers a high level of flexibility. This opens up a range of options to use this amazing colour in different spaces around the home.

In the living room, you can use eucalyptus as part of your colour palette for the furniture, in the bathroom you can pick it for your towels and eucalyptus bedding would add a feeling of welcome calm to any bedroom

Throughout the home, eucalyptus can be used to great effect in covering windows. Whether a block colour or as part of a wider pattern, eucalyptus will interact with light in a subtle and charming way to improve the sophistication of your home.

For the best effect, we suggest partnering this colour with lighter materials such as linen and cotton. The symbiosis between the two will create something that’s delicate to behold but long lasting and fashionable.

image of bed with white linen and eucalyptus coloured curtains and brown bedside table
a photo of striped and colourful print cushions next to eucalyptus plant

What colours go with eucalyptus?

You may be surprised with the wide array of colours you can successfully pair with eucalyptus. Let’s take a look at some subtle, elegant examples before a really funky, modern alternative.

Eucalyptus and white is a classic that will add a touch of suave sophistication to your home. In a kitchen, white glossy tiles flanking a eucalyptus roller blind can create a refreshing and emerging space.

Eucalyptus and beige can bring the same effects as white but in a more homely way. This colour combination works extremely well with modern twists on traditionally inspired décors and even Cottagecore where you can substitute sage tones for something different. We’ve even dedicated an entire blog to explore which colours go with beige.

Eucalyptus and grey will work well as a part in pretty much any interior design theme. Using a mid to dark natural shade of grey will tie eucalyptus items into a space and help to incorporate some Scandi style into your space.

Eucalyptus and Blush Pink is a little more daring, but look to combine eucalyptus with a rich blush pink shade. Try to avoid overly vibrant artificial shades and try to keep with powdery, natural pinks. You won’t regret it!

We carry a great selection of green items – including eucalyptus coloured – on our website. Simply find the type of window dressing you’re looking for and use the filter options to find the perfect colour. We also have eucalyptus cushions and lampshades available too!

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