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metal venetian blinds
image of open planned kitchen with floor to ceiling window fitted with grey metal venetian blinds
metal venetian blinds

Our Metal Venetian Blinds

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Metal Venetian Blinds

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metal venetian blinds

Why Buy Our Made To Measure Metal Venetian Blinds

Our made to measure metal Venetian blinds are up to 70% less expensive than comparable high street brands, and come with a five-year guarantee
We only provide higher-quality steel headrails that won’t bend or warp, unlike PVC alternatives
Aluminium oxide protects the blind from moisture. This non-rustable coating allows the blind to be used in any room, even bathrooms
Wipe clean for improved home hygiene and dust removal
A wide range of colours and finishes to consider - no need to compromise on what you want
Eight free samples are available on request to let you see your chosen colours and finishes before you buy
Easy to measure for and fit with our informative guides and videos
Safety and convenience are ensured with contact-free shipping
Handmade in the UK to your exact specification
Peace of mind with the Surefit guarantee
photo of white room with shelves with books on them next to window with blue metal blinds
metal venetian blinds

Where Can You Fit Metal Venetian Blinds?

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metal venetian blinds

What Are Our Different Types Of Metal Venetian Blinds?

explainer image to show how to measure for metal ventian blinds
metal venetian blinds

How To Measure For Metal Venetian Blinds

photo to show the different sized that metal venetian blinds are available in
metal venetian blinds

How To Fit Metal Venetian Blinds

a close up photo of white metal venetian blinds
metal venetian blinds

What Finishes are Available For Metal Venetian Blinds?

an image of a home office set up with chair next to table with computer on top of it next to bright windows
metal venetian blinds

Are metal Venetian blinds easy to clean?

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metal venetian blinds

Where Are Our Metal Venetian Blinds Made?

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