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Colour Focus: Aubergine

Colour Focus: Aubergine

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 2 Mar 2023

Aubergine is a dynamic and invigorating colour which can transform any space into a chic and luxurious sanctuary. Today, we’ll be looking at aubergine, which colours go with aubergine, and how you can use it in your home to maximise your interior design! 

What makes the aubergine colour?

Named after the delicious vegetable, aubergine is a delightful purple shade with elements of brown that sits at the midpoint of the colour spectrum. As a result, aubergine isn’t too warm or cosy, or cold, making it the perfect partner for a fantastic array of stylish colours. From deep, rich shades of brown, to pristine white, aubergine can be used as a leading colour, a secondary colour, or as a supporting spot colour. 

Moreover, because of this versatility, aubergine can work well with both juicy, vibrant colours and soft, powdery shades in equal measure! It can also be enjoyed in multiple interior design trends from modern designs at the cutting edge of fashion to those classically inspired themes that have been popular for decades. 

Below, you will find three of the best colour combinations for aubergine which you can add to your home with excellent results! 

image of  green and aubergine inspired decor

Aubergine and green

Green is one of the best colours for using aubergine. Sitting across from purple on the colour spectrum, green offers a range of shades which will help your aubergine decor to flourish. 

Firstly, soft grey green shades such as eucalyptus and mint will manifest a soft, delicate backdrop from which the aubergine colour will exude its power and charisma. With softer shades, you can use them freely through a room and make greater use of aubergine than with other greens. 

You then have the zestier greens. Lime and Chartreuse are excellent examples of such hues. Because of their vibrancy and vitality, use bright greens as a spot colour in an aubergine dominated decor. The bright nature of these shades will be enriched by the aubergine without detracting from the overall effect. 

Finally, is dark green. Dark green in the same intensity of the chosen aubergine can be used in equal parts. For instance, a dark green Roman blind set within an aubergine painted wall will add a calming yet warming finish to your decor. You can then add matching dark green cushions to keep the theme running throughout the space. 

Aubergine and pink

While closely related, aubergine and pink is a great colour combo that will make a room feel youthful and cosy.

As with green, you can use a selection of pink shades with aubergine, but our favourite has to be aubergine and blush pink. Dusky blush pinks can be used in multiple rooms from living rooms to bedrooms for a civilised finish to any decor. With the right shade, you can use large pops of aubergine to create depth and warmth in the room, transforming it into a stylish oasis of peace. For best effect, use aubergine Roman blinds, cushions, and curtains within a mostly pink space. 

You can of course choose a more vibrant pink, for instance fuchsia, but you could even consider hot pink – the Blinds Direct colour of the year

a phot of pick and aubergine coloured cushions on a bed
image to show example of how aubergine and grey can work well in interior design

Aubergine and grey

Grey allows you to really maximise a powerful colour like aubergine. With an array of suitable shades, you can find some excellent options.

Soft greys on the paler side of the spectrum are particularly potent with aubergine, but as they will offer such a strong contrast, it’s important to add further colours into the mix. Warm shades of cream or off white for instance can help to limit the contrast, creating a terrific tricolour to revel in. 

Darker shades of grey such as anthracite and charcoal can be used with aubergine but use a tone of aubergine that’s a little lighter than others. If, however, you like using dark shades of aubergine with dark grey, you could consider the Dark Academia trend! Aubergine and grey is a perfect partnership for this fashionable style. 

If you are more suited to modern interior design, you could play with silver. Bright, shimmering silver will add a contemporary sparkle to any aubergine space. For a great example of how to use these colours, look at aubergine lamp shades with a silver inner. Alternatively, you can layer a window with silver curtains and an aubergine roller blind or Roman blind. 

Aubergine is going to be big this year, and with the right choices, your home will be the talk of the town! If you’re not 100% sure on which shades will work best for you and your design objectives, order up to eight free samples from the website.

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