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Colour Of The Month: Yellow Interior Design

Colour Of The Month: Yellow Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 26 May 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

The colour Yellow is adored in the Blinds Direct office. It’s exciting, energising and eminently suitable in a range of interior design trends. Whether you’re looking for mustard, lemon or Pantone’s joint colour of the year for 2021, PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating; yellow is a great way to add a pop of colour and style to any space. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking into this amazing colour, colours that go well with yellow and the easy steps you can take to introduce it into your home.

How to use a yellow colour

As with all colours, the colour yellow offers a great array of tones and shades. Unlike many however, all yellow tones are eye-catching and offer an amazing vehicle for adding flares of personality into a room. Softer tones are excellent dominant colours while the more vibrant end of the spectrum is hard to beat as a spot colour.

Mustard and ochre tones are excellent options for single-colour items. Yellow Roman blinds which offer an inherent comforting feeling, look elegant and modern in these deeper tones are an excellent example, as are yellow curtains.

Lighter shades of yellow, including lemon, daffodil, and banana are unparalleled spot colours. While a large lemon-tone furnishing may be a little much for many themes, a dynamic yellow cushion or lampshade can add a fantastic pop to many other colour schemes. Also consider using yellow as part of a patterned fabric. Dashes of a light yellow in a Roman or roller blind – or curtain – will add interest and personality into a space without it looking over the top.

yellow and grey curtain to show colours that go with yellow

Colours that go with yellow

Yellow is very flexible and goes well with a range of other colours. So, let’s see what colours go well with yellow:

Yellow and grey – this combination is so good the colours were joint winners of Pantone’s colour of the year 2021. For the best effects, look to contrast the depth of the colours. For example, a darker, richer grey will benefit from a lighter yellow – and visa versa.

Yellow and cream – this may sound a little odd but trust me, it’s a great colour combination. A pale neutral colour such as ivory or jasmine work wonderfully when mixed with warmer yellow tones such as mustard, honey and gold. The contrast can be as subtle or standout as you wish but a cream room with accents of yellow will look fresh and provide a positive energy to a room.

Yellow and blue – yellow and blue work extremely well in tandem but it’s important to take the time to pick the correct shade and vibrancy. Pale or vibrant blues and yellows can be a little overbearing however a rich dark blue combined with limited use of a striking yellow can add an extremely sophisticated look in a space that balances traditional and modern design. For this, look to yellow cushions and lampshades for the best effect.

Yellow and pink – for a fun and modern design, look to combine elements of bright yellow with dusty pinks into your space. As both colours are eye-catching, try and place them both within the confines of a more neutral setting with both adding pops of energy to your overall décor.

textured curtain with yellow coloured pinstripe to show the colour of yellow meaning for interior design

The best yellow fabrics

As with many colours, differing shades of yellow work best in certain fabrics. This guide works well for yellow, but you can use it for other colours too:

Deeper tones of yellow work very well with heavier fabrics. The weightiness of wool and velvet, for example, synergise with energising colours such as yellow. This is because the warming feelings of both heavy fabrics and rich colours combine beautifully to create a homely effect you can enjoy effortlessly.

Conversely, paler shades of yellow work best when combined with lighter materials. Pale yellows are synonymous with crisp spring air and when combined with a cotton or linen, the final effect is a statement that makes us feel refreshed and rested.

The psychological benefits of yellow

Of all the colours on the spectrum, yellow offers the lightest hue of all. As a result, it creates a feeling of hope, fun, and happiness. This illuminating colour lifts us up when we are down, and helps to inspire us in our search for new ideas.

The positive power of yellow has been identified by cultures around the world as one associated with light, the sun and summer. In Japan, yellow is associated with courage while for many years in China, only the emperor was allowed to wear yellow.

Across Polynesia, yellow is also thought to be the colour of divine essence. It is well known that colour can affect our psychology. For more information, be sure to check out our recently published Psychology of Colour: Positive Colours blog which talks about the benefits of yellow – among other colours.

We offer a brilliant selection of yellow products on the website. From patterns including dainty spots of yellow to bold yellow curtains, and now you know the best colours that go with yellow, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect item on the website. To help you in your task, simply click the filter button and scroll down to yellow to enjoy the range today. 

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