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The Best Living Room Curtain Ideas

The Best Living Room Curtain Ideas

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 16 Jun 2021
Last updated Fri 24 Feb 2023

Living room curtain ideas

We love our living rooms and we love our curtains. Fortunately, the two couple well but that’s not to say any curtain will suit any living room layout. Today, we’ll be investigating the ways in which you can make the most of your living room curtains and help you enjoy your interior to its fullest potential. If you’re looking for living room curtain ideas, read on…

What type of curtains are best for living rooms?

This is a very common question and it’s easy to answer if you follow a couple of easy steps. 

What is your living room theme?

Firstly, you need to define the theme of your living room. There are a vast array of interior design trends, many of which benefit from a well made curtain. For example, a maximalist living room would be enriched with a vibrantly coloured and patterned curtain while a minimalist space can be improved with a striking pale, monochrome curtain.

The best types of materials for living room curtains

Curtains are also available in a wide range of materials. Again, at this point it’s important to look at the overarching theme of the room. A nomad-inspired interior could be enhanced with a light weight material such as a linen or silk. Voile curtains are another excellent, more modern, option – especially if your living room opens up directly to your garden. If you want to replicate a traditional English decor, however, look to heavier fabrics such as wool or even luxurious velvet. 

Making your final choice may seem slightly daunting but don’t worry, there is plenty of help available. You can check out the rest of this blog for inspiration surrounding colour and design trends but if you have a strong idea already, don’t forget you can order up to eight free samples to see your options in the flesh before purchasing.

photo of living room with floral printed curtains

What are the current trends in curtains for your living room?

As with all things painstakingly-designed – such as furnishings, clothes and even food – trends emerge and become popular.

If you want your home to be the epitome of ‘contemporary’ – and use your curtains as a key vehicle for it – then here are four trends you should consider in 2021:

Scandi design is rooted in neutral and natural colours alongside texture rich materials. Curtains are an excellent way to fit these elements into a space, especially with a dark wood curtain pole. Learn more in the Scandi Design Interiors and Style blog

Cottagecore is another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. Navy blues and dusky pinks accentuating eucalyptus greens and slate greys are great starting positions and they all look fantastic in a curtain. You can also use patterns heavily with a Cottagecore curtain, especially floral prints. The Trend Focus: What Is Cottagecore? blog has more valuable information.

Global Nomad interior design is a celebration and merging of international cultures, countries, and customs. It reflects a coming together of different shapes, patterns, colours and fabrics in a way that salutes our shared global community. A thick, creamy curtain that has a lovely texture to it is an excellent addition to a Global Nomad interior. Read more in the Looking To The Future: Global Nomad Style blog.

Maximalist is the antithesis of minimalist interior design. The principle behind this trend is to do everything in excess. We don’t want restrained limitations, more considered chaos. Heavy use of colour and pattern is fundamental to maximalist interior design so consider using them to their maximum potential as part of your curtain selection. Find out further in our More Is More – An Introduction To Maximalist Interior Design blog. 

Need more help in planning your interior design? We have you covered also. Our Top Tips For Planning Your Interior Design blog will help you find the perfect curtain for your home.

How can you enhance your curtains?

If you simply love the curtains you have, but something’s not quite right, you may have the wrong curtain pole for your living room.

Ideas for choosing the perfect curtain pole for curtains in your living room

Certain curtains work best with particular poles creating an overall effect that’s greater than the sum of its parts. A classically inspired patterned curtain in dark red velvet would look amazing with a rich wooden pole however may look a little odd with a sleek, shimmering silver equivalent. 

Partnering your curtain with the right curtain pole is far simpler than you may expect. Our Trend Focus: Curtain Poles blog may include just the inspiration and knowhow you’re looking for. 

How to customise curtains?

As previously mentioned, there is a great range of curtains in different colours, materials, and patterns. Don’t forget however that curtains are even more varied in the linings available. 

Picking a thermal lining

Living rooms serve multiple purposes and luckily there is great customisation available in most curtains. The two most popular options are thermal and blackout linings.

If your living room gets chilly in the winter – or hot in the summer – curtains with thermal lining will keep the warm in during the colder months, and out when there’s a heatwave. This will keep you more comfortable, reduce costs and help the environment.

Consider a black out lining for your living room curtains

If you love to use your living room as a home cinema, or a makeshift bedroom when guests visit, a blackout lining will help you block out the light, helping you enjoy the small screen or enjoy the best night’s sleep possible.  

Curtains offer style and flexibility for almost any window. All our curtains are made to measure, by hand, at our specialist facility here in the heart of Yorkshire. You can browse our Buyers Guide for Curtains for more information and inspiration.

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