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The Enduring Appeal of Teal

The Enduring Appeal of Teal

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 10 Jan 2023

Teal is a versatile colour that evokes an array of emotions and opens myriad chic interior design styles. Sitting between blue and green, teal is perfectly adaptable to a range of interiors, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. In today’s blog, we’ll explore this amazing and energising colour and provide our top tips for decorating with teal.

What type of colour is teal?

Sitting between green and blue, leaning slightly more to the greener side of this, teal offers a spectrum ranging from cyan to turquoise. Often used to bring personality to a space, teal is a bold tone that creates a calming environment. Teal living rooms are a popular choice, especially since teal complements a range of colours and schemes, but you can use it in many spaces throughout the home! Read on for our top tips on decorating with teal and some of our favourite colour combinations for this dynamic shade.

room set image to show example of a teal living room

Decorating with teal

While energising, dynamic and eye-catching, teal isn’t a one trick pony. As comfortable with off white as it is with bright golds, teal offers a fantastic array of stylish design options. Fashionable the year round, teal can be used on the walls, in soft furnishings and other accessories with equal style and panache! 

Soft furnishings are a wonderful way to bring character and charm to the room. Delicate folds of fabric combined with this luscious shade will get your guests talking and fill them with inspiration. To create an eye-catching feature, teal curtains and teal vertical blinds are the ideal options as the large swathes of material create a stand-alone display while bringing in a range of practical qualities. For a more integrated approach, teal cushions and teal lamp shades are the perfect solutions, creating pockets of colour and adding some colourful oomph to your home. 

Colour combinations

As we’ve said, teal is a great colour for adding depth and personality to a space, but which colours does teal work with best? Complementing a wide range of colours, from lively oranges to mellow pinks, teal has a defined way of bringing out the best characteristics of additional colours. Below, you can see a few of our favourite colour combinations and discover how you can bring them into your home!

image to show example of how to use cushions to decorating with teal

Teal on teal

Decorating a room in a full teal scheme is a fabulous way to make a strong statement. Known as colour drenching, matching the woodwork with the walls is a fine way for creating an incredibly stylish, contemporary space. Complete the look with teal velvet curtains to achieve a truly luxurious feel.

Blush pink and teal

A blush pink and teal colour palette is one of the more popular combinations when decorating with our colour of the month. The calming effect blush pinks have on bold teal creates a perfectly balanced room; we particularly love this colour combination for living rooms. Using blush pinks as an accent colour adds a delicate charm to the space, opt for silk or velvet furnishings to enhance the soft twist blush pinks have on teal interior design.

Burnt orange and teal

Create an explosive interior with a burnt orange and teal colour palette. Sitting opposite each other on the colour wheel, this combination creates a compelling team of colour and character, perfect for maximalist interiors. Developing the colour palette with neutral tones and greens will provide you with some amazing options that are perfect for a range of interior themes.

White and teal

Finally, lets move from an explosive palette to a more refined, chic scheme. A white and teal combination brings a breath of fresh air to a home, creating an almost Mediterranean look. Be creative with this stylish combination by going bold with a deep teal on the walls and using white on the woodwork. Complete the look by styling the space with white and teal geometric print Roman blinds and geometric teal cushions, perfect for adding character and personality to the space.

Teal is dynamic, energising and the perfect partner for many other fashionable colours. A suitable addition to classical and contemporary homes alike, teal can make any space refreshing and eye catching. Get experimenting with teal tones today by ordering up to eight free samples on the website

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