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Colour Focus: Saffron And Chambray

Fri 25 Mar 2022 Ana Zuravliova
In the realms of interior design, there are a few colour combinations that are simply forever stylish. Black and white, green and pink, and stone grey with cream will always be popular – but so too will today’s duet. Saffron and chambray in interior design is an instant hit and today, we’ll be looking at […]

Trend Focus: Colourful Kitchen Ideas

Fri 4 Mar 2022 Ana Zuravliova
Kitchens are spaces where we spend much of our down time. From cooking tasty meals or having a cuppa, to helping our little ones complete their homework; kitchens are often the beating hearts of our homes. These spaces therefore should be fun, energetic and exciting. Curious to know how to enjoy a colourful kitchen? Read […]

How To Use Shades Of Brown In Interior Design

Fri 25 Feb 2022 Ana Zuravliova
Brown is a colour that’s often overlooked in 21st century interior design – and that’s quite a sad thing. Brown has a warming seriousness to it that creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. These shades of brown make us feel protected and able to relax and as a result, it’s the perfect addition to […]

Beat The Winter Blues With….Blue

Mon 7 Feb 2022 Ana Zuravliova
There is often an assumption – rooted in years of miscalculated thought – that blue is a cold, uninviting colour. We’ve all heard it before “don’t use blue, it makes a space chilly and unwelcoming”, but is this really true? While it is certainly correct that blue may not be as warm as oranges, browns, […]

Colour Of The Month: Back to Black

Fri 28 Jan 2022 Ana Zuravliova
Stylish, fashionable, and chic, black is one of those colours that’s been enjoyed and re-imagined in interior design across the ages. From onyx bowls and statues of the archaic world to the black and white checked patterns made popular during the 1960s, black has been a colour that’s stirred within us a feeling of elegance […]

Blinds Direct Colour Of The Year 2022 – Soft Green!

Fri 7 Jan 2022 Ana Zuravliova
2021 has been an excellent year for colour in interior design. We’ve explored a range of exciting tones from orange to navy blue, anthracite to lilac; but in today’s blog, we’ll be celebrating the colour we feel will become even more popular in 2022! With a focus on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint […]

Colour Focus: Stone Blue Interior Design

Mon 20 Dec 2021 Ana Zuravliova
One of the most popular colours this year has been stone blue. The colour has made waves over the past 12 months and in today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at this exciting, calming yet homely tone and give you the tips you need to enjoy it in your space! Stone blue interior design […]

Black And Gold: An Award-Winning Colour Duo

Mon 8 Nov 2021 Ana Zuravliova
An introduction to the black and gold colour combination: Combining colours is nothing short of an art and in today’s blog, we’ll be showcasing one of the finest partnerships of tones you could hope to enjoy in your home. It is, of course, gold and black! When done correctly, this sleek, elegant combination can add […]

Colour Of The Month: Obsessed With Orange

Thu 21 Oct 2021 Ana Zuravliova
We’re quickly coming to the time of year where there’s leaves on the ground, pumpkins everywhere and children dressed up as tigers and what do all of these have in common? That’s right, different shades of orange! Orange is a colour synonymous with October, and the autumn, and while we’ll see much more of it […]

Colour Of The Month: Going For Gold

Thu 30 Sep 2021 Ana Zuravliova
An introduction to the colour gold There is something special about gold. It’s a material that’s captivated us for centuries and has been used from gold colour decorative accessories to hard currency. This is for a couple of reasons, many elements are gases, too reactive or even radioactive, but gold can be easily melted, doesn’t […]

Top Tips for Using Anthracite Colour In Interior Design

Thu 2 Sep 2021 Ana Zuravliova
For decades, if not centuries, monochrome interiors have been exceptionally fashionable. Today, use of black and white is still popular however there is a new colour on the rise that presents a challenge to using traditional black tones, that colour is anthracite. In today’s blog we’ll be exploring anthracite grey and how you can use […]
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