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Colour Focus: Saffron And Chambray

Colour Focus: Saffron And Chambray

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 25 Mar 2022

In the realms of interior design, there are a few colour combinations that are simply forever stylish. Black and white, green and pink, and stone grey with cream will always be popular – but so too will today’s duet. Saffron and chambray in interior design is an instant hit and today, we’ll be looking at why it works, and how you can use these amazing colours to maximise your décor.

What colours are saffron and chambray?

If you’re wondering, “what colour is saffron?”, it’s a rich golden yellow that’s got a pleasant depth and intensity to it without being overly vibrant. Saffron is a colour that’s warming and homely while remaining bright and energetic – it’s an excellent colour to use throughout the home.

Similarly, if you’re asking yourself “what is chambray?”, this colour is a cool, dynamic shade of blue. Sitting in the middle of the blue colour spectrum, chambray has a deep, stormy quality to it with hints of grey that help underpin its sophistication.

Why do saffron and chambray work together so well?

We’ve mentioned a few times that colours which sit opposite from one another on the colour spectrum wheel often go hand in hand and funnily enough, chambray blue and saffron yellow are roughly opposite each other.

While this may seem a little mechanical, there are other, more emotive reasons why these colours work in such a profound way. Many of them are found in nature.

In our busy world, we often crave calming sensations and environments where we can pause to reflect and relax. Two parts of the natural order help us to do this perhaps more than others. The brilliant sun set in the enormity of a summer sky, or the cooling waves of the sea lapping gently upon brilliant sands will bring many of us a deep sense of peace, and what do they have in common? Soft blues and uplifting yellow.

By combining these striking colours and introducing them into your home, you can instantly create a space that’s relaxing, refreshing and is all-round more positive.combining these striking colours and introducing them into your home, you can

How to use saffron and chambray in interior design

Both of today’s colours are strong in their own right. This is a good thing for decorators because it gives you the flexibility to tilt toward one more than the other, and either outcome will be magnificent.

With a saffron heavy space, you can elevate the vibrancy with chambray furniture, cabinets, blinds, curtains or – if you want just a touch of blue – home accessories including cushions and lamp shades.

Conversely, if you’re looking to feature chambray blue heavily in your space, simply reverse the roles and add saffron details – however its better to focus on saffron soft furnishings in this model.

If, however, your space is in a neutral colour palette which you’re keen to add something special to, you can use soft furnishings that feature both chambray and saffron as part of an exciting pattern. Whether you’re looking for floral designs, or geometrics, these colours will work together in an idyllic symbiotic fashion.

What other colours go with saffron and chambray?

As we’ve just mentioned, saffron and chambray will work nicely amidst a natural colourway including creams, greys, and off whites. That said, you’re not limited to these colours.

Saffron, chambray, and dusky pink

Blue, yellow, and pink may initially feel a little daring but remember, saffron and chambray are relatively soft shades with slightly greyish elements to them. To make the most of these colours in a dusky pink space, look to the greyer shades of chambray in Roman blinds, curtains, or other furnishings, and use saffron as a spot colour in either a pattern or block coloured cushions.

Saffron, chambray, and eucalyptus

Similarly to the above, you can enjoy saffron and chambray with eucalyptus because of the greyish tone that will unify your colour palette, and let the saffron shine.

Eucalyptus is a sophisticated colour that adds a natural twist to a home. Like pink, where eucalyptus is used as a dominant colour, use chambray slightly more liberally than saffron which will again work amazingly as a spot colour. This trio will add a natural flavour to a space with a slightly modern twist.

Saffron, chambray, and other blues

In many ways, blue is one of the most versatile colours you can use in your home. Dark indigo blues, mid stone blues and even electrifying sky blue shades can all help to enrich a space yet, unlike other colours, they mostly work together too!

This allows you to have more saturated shades of blue with spots of chambray to add a sense of depth and gravity to your décor. Since we’ve established that yellow pairs well with blues, the saffron elements of the theme will work equally well with various blue shades. Consider using navy blue alongside saffron and chambray in your home!

Saffron and chambray are a partnership made in heaven. Fun yet elegant, these colours can revolutionise a space making it into a dream home. To make sure you find the perfect shades for you, you can order up to eight free samples from the website!

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